Exterior Paint Colors – Painting the Body and Trim the Same Color

I always say that the proper paint color placement is as important as the actual paint colors you choose, in both interior and exterior applications.  Here’s an example of an exterior I recently specified colors for:

exterior paint colors

new Franklin, TN upscale farmhouse

Here’s the “before” of the beautiful new build in Franklin, TN, where we chose a paint color palette for both the exterior and interior.




The “after” is a classic but fresh gothic farmhouse.  We chose a perfect white for both the trim and body of the house to create a calm, cohesive exterior, punctuated by a front door in duck-egg blue.  The stone foundation anchors the house nicely.

pure white


I love this part – the wood on the porch ceiling was “white-washed” with a watered-down light blue paint we chose for that element. It looks a bit like a pickled finish, and looks perfectly lovely with the greeny-blue front door.

front porch farmhouse ceiling


Here’s the “before” of the front facade again:



If the trim and body had been painted out different colors, it could have become really busy, really quickly.  Choosing to paint out the same color white makes the house stand out in its wooded landscape, while keeping it clean and classy.

white exterior paint colors


Sometimes this Color Girl has to go with white to get it right!  It looks like a house right out of a storybook.  Will you stay tuned to see what colors I chose for this home’s interior in my next post?


  1. Jean Molesworth Kee

    Well done, Kristie! Nothing prettier and more classic than a white farmhouse! Restraint was the way to go here– the textures are “enough” and the porch ceiling perfect. I often have to talk clients out of too much action on an exterior.

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thank you, Jean. I’m really pleased with how it turned out – can’t wait to show the interior!

  2. Dixie Dobbins

    Wow Great job! love the blue door too and the wood porch ceiling. We bought a lake house that is painted dark chocolate brown. It helps hide dirt, but its so dark and depressing. We are looking at getting new siding (the type that looks like Cedar shakes but is actually Cement fiberboard) Anyway I could send you pictures? I am thinking of going with a Khaki tan color on the shakes, and white trim and my favorite color Wyeth Blue from Sherman Williams. Also do you have a Pintrest board for exterior paint colors? Thanks, youre the best Kristie! Love love what you do!

  3. Joanne

    Wow! What a difference painting out the exterior in all one colour. All the trim on this house made it very busy. Now it has a calm, farmhouse feel.

  4. Celia Turner

    My favorite:)

  5. Paula Van Hoogen

    Kristie, I’ve never seen anyone post on this, but have used this method several times when the window configuration was just not that good, to downplay their placement. You’ve brought up the second good reason to use the K.I. S. S. principle—-classy. Really, SO MANY homes could benefit from this application. Thank you!!! LOVE THIS.

  6. AppleHillCottage

    Love all white old houses. (And new ones that look old.)
    Our little cottage is currently 3 colors on the front and I can’t wait to get the ugly blue gray painted white. All in due time — maybe spring? Beautiful job!

  7. Sara Backstrom

    A truly lovely transformation. The porch ceiling makes me swoon!

  8. tim

    Kristie this looks great- love your work!!

    I have a similar situation where I feel we should have painted everything all one color to unify the look….we used a semi trans weathered gray / bleeching oil and I think it looks too bland….

    any suggestions would be much appreciated! 🙂

    there are some pictures here- I apologize for the long post……….


    • Jb

      Gate keeping the color😂🤣😂

      • Kristie Barnett

        I’m sure you’ve heard the saying: “Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?” Paint color specification is my business – if I give away everything, I have no clients and no income. I’m sure you can relate on some level, right?

  9. Anisa Parks

    Hello Kristie!
    My husband and I recently bought a 1925 farmhouse in the PNW. It’s back drop is lovely alder and fir trees and its painted…you guessed it…GREEN! The poor beautiful little house is lost in the foliage. We have already decided to go farmhouse white on white but can’t pick a paint color. Would you be willing to share the paint color you chose for this house?

  10. Jane Fox

    Wow, I absolutely love the after pictures! That’s such a clean look, and I love the contrast between the house and the landscape around it. That probably won’t work for my particular home, but you’ve inspired me to consider something different than the standard beige I was looking at. I’ll have to decide and then it will be time to call in the painters!

  11. Deb

    Beautiful, I am currently in the process of painting my current home can you please tell me what the paint color is of this white?

  12. Christine Kinney

    When u paint trim and body color the same what type of paint did u use for each? Flat, semi-gloss etc?

    • Kimberly

      Plz…plz….what color is it?!

  13. Becky C

    Kristie, Can you share the color and brand you used for the house and trim and the watered down blue. I’m in the process of building in historic St. Augustine and I try to never re-invent the wheel! 🙂 Becky

    • Tiffany

      May I ask what colors you chose for the home and front door and what brand? I love these for our FL home!

  14. Carolyn

    Hi there, would you be able to share what color this is? I love, love, love it!!

  15. Karin

    Yes! Would love to know what paint and finish you used for the house and trim. Beautiful!

  16. laura

    It looks great! We have a small 1901 farmhouse we would love to paint white. Can you please share the paint and finish yo used for the house & trim? Thank you.

  17. Katherine

    Would you recommend the same course of action if a portion of the Tudor-Lite exterior were covered in a reddish brick?

    • Kristie Barnett

      Actually – I often recommend the trim and body (siding) be painted the same color when there is a lot of brick or stone on the home. But I wouldn’t suggest a white with brick, as it will look too stark against the warmth of the brick and mortar. You might try matching the trim/siding to the color of the brick’s grout – that is often the best choice!

      • Laura

        Do you think an all brick front would work if you did a body and trim color in Wool Skein?

  18. Carol

    What rand of paint is this and the name? I didn’t see it in your article? It looks lovely….

  19. Marie

    but what color is this? lol….it appears we shall never know.


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