Would You Paint Your Ceiling Black?

What would you consider painting black?  Perhaps surprisingly, black-painted windows draw your eye to the landscape beyond – more so than if the window were painted white.


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I’m working with a client whose trim throughout the house is currently dark expresso.  It’s really just too much dark color in a house with limited natural light to begin with.  The new paint palette will change the trim to a soft white, but the window and window mullions will stay dark like you see in the photo above.



I am working with another client who just moved into a new home with great bones but no color.  It’s difficult to see with all the boxes, but there is a beautiful black marble surround on the fireplace in this front room of the home.



The ceilings are 10+ feet and there is good natural lighting in this space. This particular space will be a music room, housing a piano and some seating for intimate gatherings of girlfriends. This is the paint color palette we decided upon a few weeks ago.

hazy skies and wrought iron

Soft black will be on the ceiling with a warm white trim and beautiful neutral on the walls. The dark color on the ceiling will like night sky, and I can’t wait to see it. Very sophisticated, but not at all overwhelming.  Would you dare? It’s going to be FABULOUS.

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  1. Donna Frasca

    Like any color, black has it’s place and it really would depend on the function of the room. I think it could be a very striking choice for the right room.

    Hey Kristie, Lori Sawaya and I are having a tweet chat tomorrow at 4pm et on ceiling color again and this would be perfect! I hope you can join us. Don’t forget this hashtag #ColorChat and add this images too!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Hi Donna,
      I am lame on Twitter :/ and am not really sure how a tweet chat works, but I’ll try if I’m available tomorrow afternoon – thanks!

  2. AppleHillCottage

    We took down the 70s ceiling tile in the basement office/man cave and found a plastered ceiling with a few pipes. It raised the ceiling to a whopping 7’4″. I wanted to paint the ceiling and pipes black but since we are selling the house all my advisors said no. If we had been staying, you can bet it would be black. (We opted for a darker-than-the-walls gray-tan-green.) I love those music room colors!

  3. Kalee

    I am suprised by it, but I LOVE the black trim on the window in the first picture! Now I am trying to think of ways I could use that, without it looking out of place 🙂

  4. Paula Van Hoogen

    The thing you mentioned about the dark painted (or stained) windows was seconded recently in Bobby McAlpines’s new book, The Home Within Us. Much the same as a black matte around a photo. It pops.
    Looking forward to the reveal on this one!

  5. Ellen @ColorCalling

    Hi Kristie, love this! I did a fun color consultation this morning in Birmingham for a pianist where we actually created a dedicated music room for her.
    Great paint colors! A music room calls for high drama! xo Ellen

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thanks, Ellen! I can’t wait to see this room come together 🙂


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