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I’m guessing many of you know who Joan Walsh Anglund is, but if you don’t, maybe you will recognize her iconic art. I began collecting Joan Walsh Anglund books, art, and paper products when my daughters were young.  There’s something so innocent and nostalgic about the instantly recognizable illustrations that made Joan Walsh Anglund a […]

This is Part II of my 10-year-old daughter’s Mystery Birthday Party.  If you missed the food and decor, click here.  In fact, if you haven’t read it, I beg of you to read it first before reading this article.  Without the context, you will just think I’m a raving lunatic.   That being said, today I’ll […]

My oldest daughter is a reader.  She loves mystery series like Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and the Mandy series.  For her 10th birthday, we decided to create a real mystery that she and her friends could solve.  This party could be modified for boys and for different ages.   Let the sleuthing begin!   First thing I […]