Meaningful Art – Restaurant Menu Collection

I hope you enjoyed the dining room to living room transformation I shared at the end of last week.  What I didn’t show you is the “new” dining area.  What I wanted to share today is the art grouping I made with the menus the couple have been collecting throughout their relationship.

restaurant menu collection

restaurant menus

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Amazing Grace and Design

Earlier this week, I got to revisit a client’s home from last summer. She needed help installing some art that she had recently commissioned from a vendor/artist at the Nashville Flea Market, which turned out really beautiful. The artist wrote on three pieces of reclaimed and painted barn wood, and the pieces needed to be hung together as a series.

rustic entry design

ombre staircase and inspirational art

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How to Make Your Lonely Walls Happy

What do you do when your dining room looks forlorn and empty, and it’s making you crazy -depressed?


No, I’m not suggesting that you pour yourself a stiff drink.  Put down the bottle and pick up the hammer!  I spent yesterday hanging art and plates in my client’s dining room, and it made such a difference.   [Read more…]

What To Hang Over Oddly-Shaped Furniture

Have you ever had this problem?  You have a piece of furniture or headboard or something in your home that needs “something” over it, but you have no idea what to hang on the wall above it?

Beautiful View from the Front of  My Client’s Home


This was the dilemma in my client’s home.  Here is the dining room in it’s “before” state – it has lovely tall ceilings and a beautiful hutch to the right.   The space above it looks a bit bare, but what to hang there????

Dining Room Before The Decorologist


Following the lines of the furniture always works for me.  Creating a vignette with much-loved china on the wall that mimics the lines of the furniture made for an interesting and unique solution for this design dilemma.  Oh, and we changed the wall color so that the wood tones would have a richer backdrop (if you have lots of wood in one room, most of the time yellow is not the best choice to paint your walls).

green dining room by the decorologist

Dining Room After


Here’s another shot to show better show you the effect the plate grouping makes with this beautiful hutch.

green dining decorologist

Blue and White Plate Grouping


Unusually-shaped furniture often call for unique accessorizing solutions.  Have you ever had to accessorize around an oddly-shaped piece of furniture?


Pipe Dreams, Airstreams, and Pinterest

Let me be clear – I am no camper.  But I have had a pipe dream for years about restoring an Airstream trailer.

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Wouldn’t it be fun to decorate it out all retro-dreamy, like a giant dollhouse?




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How to Hang Plates & Art Groupings

As an interior decorator in the Nashville area, one of my favorite things that I get to do for clients is to create art groupings on their walls.   They are usually amazed at how quickly I can come up with an arrangement and get them up on the wall.   Here’s how I do it:   first, I gather up like items with the colors I’m looking for to tie in with the room and start playing around with different arrangements. 


I layed out these gorgeous plates on my client’s bed this week, working until we got an arrangement we both liked.   This is what I came up with – it’s kind of like an inverted Christmas tree shape over her dresser: [Read more…]

Walking Up Your Stairs Should Be a Happy Experience

Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to be arranging some family photographs in an open stairwell of a client’s home.   That’s got me thinking about different ways to hang art on a staircase wall.   


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