How to Make Your Husband Happy

Sometimes decorating your home involves compromise.  I like to think I take both the wants and needs of both the husband and the wife when I’m creating a color palette or decorating an interior.  As I was arranging furniture yesterday in a client’s bedroom, she made mention of the mounted deer head she had seen on my blog.


DSC 9753 32 400x600 How to Make Your Husband Happy

taxidermy deer head at Bella Rustica Barn Sale 2013

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Hanging Out with Houzz at Nashville Event

Last night I attended a debut event, along with a standing-room only group of Nashville design professionals at Kenny & Company in the ultra-hip Gulch area of downtown.  

2013 06 11 19.39.27 600x376 Hanging Out with Houzz at Nashville Event

Nashville Houzz Event at Kenny & Company 

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Can You Really Meet Everyone’s Needs?

If you are a design junky, you probably have spent a little time on, the leading online website for residential remodeling and design.  This week they announced their "Best of Houzz 2013" awards, and I was happy to hear I was one of the designers who received an award, determined by the more than 11 million monthly users that make up the Houzz community.

best of houzz 2013 Can You Really Meet Everyones Needs?


What really makes me happy is that the award is for "Customer Satisfaction," which is something that is very important to me.  I want each of my clients to be happy with the work I've done in their home and to believe that their time with me is valuable beyond the fee they paid.  

So why did it bum me out so badly to find a negative review posted about me on Thumbtack today?  This man said that I didn't return his emails or requests for a consultation and that he "had a very low opinion of me."   First of all, I do not recognize the guy's name and really don't think I blew him off, but I let it make me feel bad anyway.


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Creating Homework Areas That Make Back-To-School Rock

It’s hard to believe school is back in session. Now is the time to set aside a special place for the kiddos to get their homework done in peace. Here are some ideas for making homework less of a chore, more of a joy.
186561 0 4 0611 traditional kitchen Creating Homework Areas That Make Back To School Rock

by Lisa Wilson via
The breakfast table or dining table is a great place to designate as your official homework area. You can prepare dinner and keep your eyes on your little workers at the same time.  Click here to see the rest of the article I wrote for  Looks like it will be the last one I do for awhile – something had to give in my busy schedule, so I told my editor at Houzz I needed to take a break and focus on this blog and my design clients.  So please stop over and “like” or comment on my article!

Photography Tips that Can Sell Your Home

As a Nashville Home Stager, I know that one of the most powerful tools you have when marketing your home for sale is amazing listing photography.  No matter how fabulous your home is, it won’t sell if the listing photos don’t do their job.  Your photos should be strategic and should highlight the positives so that potential buyers run to their phone schedule a showing.  Here are my tips for getting the most out of these incredibly important home photos. 
1. Include only photos of your most attractive rooms in your online listing.  Include the description and dimensions of the other rooms in the home, but you aren’t doing yourself any favors by including bad photos or poorly-staged rooms.  Lure potential buyers in with lovely spaces but don’t show them anything that might keep them from scheduling a showing, like your less-than-lovely recreation room or an outdated bathroom.
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Is Staging an Historic House Different than Staging a Contemporary One?

Staging a home to sell is a somewhat different animal when you are dealing with a historic or period home.  While you want to make it appeal to the widest audience possible, you have to realize that most of the people interested in buying that type of home are attracted to historically decorated interiors.  Most historic homes sell to a specific kind of buyer who is looking for character and architectural details that will make them fall head over heels.
1. Choose classic wall colors. If you need to paint the walls, choose a color from a period-inspired palette. Use fresher, cleaner historic options, such as Benjamin Moore’s Palladian BlueAdams Gold or Georgian Green.  I love the way the homeowner painted the undersides of the sink and bathtub in this vintage bathroom!  This kind of color placement draws attention to the unique selling points of the home.  For the rest of my tips, please check out the last in my Home Staging series on by clicking here.  Make sure you “like” it if you visit – thanks!

Nashville Stager Explains How You May Need to Spend Money to Make Money

No one wants to spend money on the home they are getting ready to sell, but it can be crucial if you want to sell the house quickly and for the price you want.  Beyond basic  decluttering and cleaning, there are areas where you may need to spend a little cash in order to get your property sold.  Here’s a few things you may need to spend $$ on:
451851 0 4 1549 traditional dining room Nashville Stager Explains How You May Need to Spend Money to Make Money

Painting the walls in updated neutrals and on-trend colors will set your home apart and help home buyers remember each room. Open areas should all be painted the same color — maybe a light griege or muted-down color. You’ll want to skip the dark or intense colors in these areas. Master and guest bedrooms are best painted in muted but distinct colors. Muted versions of blues, greens and yellows are good bets.
35795 0 4 1000 traditional bedroom Nashville Stager Explains How You May Need to Spend Money to Make Money

Read the rest of my latest article on to find out the other things you probably need to spend a little money on if you want to get your home sold quickly and for more money.  Again, I did not choose the title of the article (am I a control-freak, or what?)  Just for the record, I’m not a fan of the word “savvy.”
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