5 Ways to Instantly Make Your Space Cozy!

Brrrrrr.  It’s cold and snowing in here in Nashville.  But it can be cozy and warm in the little nests we make for ourselves!  Here are my top 5 ideas for cozying up your home in winter:

1.  Bring in cozy fabrics in pillows, throws, and drapes like velvet, corduroy, or fur.  Even ruffles – which are everywhere in decor right now – add fluff to make you feel just a little warmer.


2.  Rearrange your seating to cluster around the fireplace.  Nothing says cozy like a blazing hearth.  Even if you don’t have a fireplace, clustering your seating closer to illicit cozy conversation is the next best thing.



3.  Adding in throws and blankets to seating is a no-brainer.  But how about draping furs and throws over tables and ottomans to visually warm up the space?



4.  Layer darker, earthier accessories over the lighter base you already have.  Think browns, dark jewel-tones, and wood.  Replace lampshades with darker or patterned ones to warm up the light in the space.



5.  Use rugs to warm up a conversation area.  Experiment with layering a smaller Persian over a larger sisal, or create your own unique rug with floor tiles available from companies like Flor.



Have a fluffy white rug in your child’s nursery?  Why not bring that into your living room for the season? That’s what I did here in my own living room, where my children love to curl up and play games in front of the fire.

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Annette Tatum
11 years ago

Love all of these pictures, especially the colors in your living room. The creamy gold and pale teal look fabulous together, so elegant and warm.

Lizzie @ Infectious Chatter

LOVE the fireplace screen in picture 2 and i have some sheep skins in my garage, thinking i’ll bust them out and lay them in the living room 🙂

beautiful pictures!

Naomi (livebreathedecor.com)

It’s hard to imagine wanting to be cosy right now as we are sweltering here in Australia, but your pics are infectious all the same. I love all the pictures against the dark wall in your first pic – I want that in my bedroom when I am feeling game enough…and love the teal/purple/pink bedroom – there’s something so cosy about piles of cushions and these ones really bring the room together.

11 years ago

Lovely living room you have…looks so cozy and inviting, yet chic at the same time!!

10 years ago

I sure hope this blog will not make people start using animals for decorating. Furs on the table??? Why not scalps…

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