Is Staging an Historic House Different than Staging a Contemporary One?

Staging a home to sell is a somewhat different animal when you are dealing with a historic or period home.  While you want to make it appeal to the widest audience possible, you have to realize that most of the people interested in buying that type of home are attracted to historically decorated interiors.  Most historic homes sell to a specific kind of buyer who is looking for character and architectural details that will make them fall head over heels.
1. Choose classic wall colors. If you need to paint the walls, choose a color from a period-inspired palette. Use fresher, cleaner historic options, such as Benjamin Moore’s Palladian BlueAdams Gold or Georgian Green.  I love the way the homeowner painted the undersides of the sink and bathtub in this vintage bathroom!  This kind of color placement draws attention to the unique selling points of the home.  For the rest of my tips, please check out the last in my Home Staging series on by clicking here.  Make sure you “like” it if you visit – thanks!
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Terry Murphy
Terry Murphy
8 years ago

I ADORE your new lamps and think that they look great with the shades that you chose. My only comment is to simply the knick-knacks on the dresser so that you can truly appreciate the singular beauty of the lamps.

8 years ago

Love the picture of that bathroom they way they painted the tub and sink! So pretty and fresh!

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