Rethinking Bookcases

Let’s think outside the bookcase.   I’ve found some really interesting ideas for bookcases.  There are many ways to display books and create makeshift bookcases. CrissCross Bookcase

You can stack things to make a bookcase, you know.  Crates, boxes, even benches and tables.  Check out this crafty bookcase from Better Homes and Gardens.

Better Homes and Garden Bench Bookcase

How about this bizarro but oddly cool resuse of old furniture by designer Isabel Quiroga?  I don’t love the bottom part so much, but the upper part is very interesting.  You could definitely stack different shapes and sizes of console tables and unite the look with a common paint color.

Storyteller Bookcase Design by Isabel Quiroga

Before Dresser This idea is out of Country Living.  Take an old dresser and pull out the drawers.

A little paint, a few screws, a little leftover wallpaper, and  . . . . .

Country Living Dresser Drawer Bookcase

Now THAT’S a custom bookcase!

What about looking at hutches and other kinds of furniture pieces with a new perspective?  Lots of things can hold books, even if the original intention was china or clothes storage.
Hooker Furniture Hutch


Altered Bookcase

Hey, you can even create a Scooby-Doo secret door by creating a faux bookcase on a closet or bathroom door like this fella did on Apartment Therapy.

Apartment Therapy Faux Bookcase Door

These invisible bookshelves are very modern and work by using  an innovative concealed bracket.  When you mount the bracket to the wall, you slide the shelf between the back cover of one book, stack the rest on top to completely cover, and tah-dah – invisible bookshelf!  Magic is good.
Invisible Bookshelves on Amazon


Uroko Bookcase Bed by Point Architects You’ve got to see this hobbit-like creation called the Uroko bookcase by Point Architects.  Unbelievable.  Wonder if I could talk my hubby into attempting something like this in the girls’ rooms?


Uroko Bookcase Bed 2


You could just stack your books up the side of a staircase.  Probably not the best idea if you have small children.  I can only imagine the mayhem that might ensue . . .

Books Stacked on Stairs


I saved the best for last.  Hank Moody is a writer for the HBO series, Californication.   He created this fantastical stack of books in his living room.  I can’t get over this.  Really makes me want to create a version of this.

Californication's Hank Moody's Crazy Bookstack

Hank Moody's Stack

Now THAT’S magic.  Are you inspired?



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12 years ago

Love that idea of using an old dresser! That is definitely thinking outside the box and using something you probably already have. What a fun, creative project to attempt!

Jen C.
Jen C.
12 years ago

I got three great ideas from this post. I love the simplicity of the invisible bookshelves. We have floating shelves, but that takes it to another level. The little hobbit house is unbelievable. Joe’s mind went into high gear when I showed him that. And that tower of books…I LOVE THAT! I am such a packrat, and my weakness is books of all kinds. I had to make myself stop buying books because I was running out of room for them and I cannot bring myself to give them away. That idea blew me away. Thanks, again, KB.

12 years ago

I have hundreds of children’s books that, alas, my children are slowly but surely outgrowing. I can imagine using them to create some sort of smaller book stack or table base inspired by Mr. Moody. A sort of homage to my children’s younger years. And it could stay intact until the grandchildren come along and the books make their way back to the shelves!

12 years ago

Michelle – I love the idea of the homage to your children. A table base would be perfect topped with a glass top. Or a smaller version of the one in the blog on top of a taller piece of furniture or within a bookcase.

10 years ago

Love the innovation and colours used for each bookcase. Truly magical. Just wondering if Hank Moody’s ‘bookcase’ will topple when I pull out a book? Or would it be like a play of Uno Stacko?

10 years ago

Hello, I am looking to purchase the plans to make my own bookshelf. I am wanting to make the criss cross style shelf. Can you help me find the place i can buy the plans to build it please?

Thank you very much

Tim Sieben

10 years ago
Reply to  Tim

Was anyone ever able to find the plans to make the criss cross shelf?

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