Crystal Ship Chandelier

Most of you know I have a weakness for chandeliers.  Here’s an over-the-top crystal ship chandelier that makes my mouth water!  This room has an overall Scandanavian feel, which I’m always drawn to.   So I thought I’d look around and see how this particular chandelier might look in another room. Ship Chandelier in a Scandavian Dining Room

This one is in a funkier setting, maybe it’s an entryway?  Lots of stuff going on here.

Ship Chandelier in room by Muriel Brandolini

Another really light and white room.  Looks beachy but glamorous.  I can almost feel the ocean breeze . . .   Anyway, this chandelier is by Beach Dwelling and costs a whopping $2900.  Ouch.

Beach Dwelling Ship Chandelier

The one on the left below floats over a fab living room, if you ask me.  Love the burnt orange chair and the turquoise draperies.  And you know I love vintage oil portraits!  That Nanette has got a lot of confidence.  Katie’s room is good, too.  That entry looks like the same color as my living room.

ship chandlelier in a nanette lapore room

So, are you thinking this is just a recent trend?  The one below recently sold on 1st Dibs is from the 1950’s.  Wish I knew how much it went for.

First Dibs Ship Chandelier

Ok, this one’s more reasonable.  From Z Gallerie, for $799.00.

ship chandelier from z gallery

My home is completely full of chandeliers (current count is 15).  So, which one of my clients can I talk into hanging one of these babies in their place?  Hmmmm . . . . .


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I was in Z. Gallerie today and while at the register I heard a lady asking if the ship chandelier could be plugged in for her to look at. I didn’t turn around to see what she was referring to, but I’m going to guess it was that one, then.
I like it in the beach room and Nanette’s room.


I was wondering if you know the manufacturer of the Z gallery ship chandelier.
I have wanted this for some time but Z gallery no longer carries it.
I DO have the first 4 of the -but that doesn’t help…store was not able to locate.
Thank you,


Hi Karen! I know this is a late comment on the thread, but I wanted to let you know that potterybarnkids has a ship chandelier. It’s not as glamorous as those featured here, but you can still get the look. Good luck!


Anyone locate this yet?