Express your inner artist – create tablescapes.  Just grab some things you love or better yet, grab one thing you love and find a few other things to compliment or contrast it.  Clear off a tabletop, mantel, side table, buffet, whatever.  If you’re like me, sometimes creativity needs boundaries or at least a few guidelines to get me going. Tablescape

BayouContessa tablescape Determine the number and size of items that are appropriate for the space/table size.  Pare down items to an odd number.

If you use one item on a table, go with something big and bold.  Think fat and wide rather than tall and skinny. Big Piece for Tablescape

Tablescaping Formula Easy formula for tablescaping:  plant material, books, and a decorative object.

Use trays or baskets to corral small items.  Tablescaped items should be grouped somewhat closely together, making a cohesive visual story.


Corral Objects with Trays

Group by theme and/or color.  Using items of the same color always looks more unified and less cluttered.  Try using shades of just one color, but different textures and sizes.   Possible themes include seasonal/holiday, nature, collections, etc.

Nature Tablescape

Create peaks and valleys in your tablescape.   Vary sizes.  Use books, pedestals, cake stands to elevate objects.  Start with largest, tallest item (peak).  If against a wall, tallest in back.  If floating in room, tallest in middle or somewhat offset from middle.  Work forward or out, smallest (shortest) in front.

Nester Tablescape

Use glass bowls or vases filled with fruit, rocks, shells, or flowers.  Use ornaments in vases grouped by color to use any time of the year.

Ornaments in Vases

Use branches, greenery, flowers from your yard. Experiment and you’ll quickly see what lasts longest.

Tablescape 3

Use plate stands for plates, small pictures, and/or books.  Use a basket or glass container to hold shells, fruit, vintage buttons, etc.

Blue and White Tablescape

I’d love to see examples of your own tablescapes!  Email yours to me at and maybe I’ll do a post featuring your creative designs.


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  1. Erin

    maybe someday…..
    my current tablescape consists of a free form background of fingerpaint, texture from cheerios, and a focal point in the baby who frequently plants himself right in the middle; he makes sure to keep it fresh by varying his stance. Sitting, kneeling, standing, dancing…..


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