Woodgrain Decor

You can call it fake woodgrain or you can call it faux bois (that’s French for false wood).  Whatever you call it,  it’s a fun decorating trend.

Now, I’m not talking fake woodgrain that is trying to fool you into thinking it’s actual wood.  If you think this is going to justify you hanging onto that fake woodgrain paneling from the 1970’s, you need to read this.  These towels from Martha Stewart are available at Macy’s.

Make a great first impression with this woodgrain doormat.

I think it’s kinda cool to see woodgrain on unexpected materials, like this acrylic side table.

Or on this rug.  Beware, don’t lay one of these babies over existing hardwood floors – that would be too, too much.

The designer here made a bold move by papering this bathroom in gray faux bois.  I think it looks fabulous.  If this had been done in brown, it probably would have looked TOO real, and therefore: ugh. 

I even found this amazing wedding cake done in faux bois!

What do you think about the woodgrain trend?   Too trendy for you?  Or a fun way to add interest to your decor?

Photo Credits:  Apartment Therapy (1 & 6), Macy’s, Design Sponge, Style Garage, Home Decorators, Sedona Wedding Cakes.


  1. Phyllis Hill

    Where did the doormat come from. Like it alot!

  2. husband

    Why is “false wood” decor fun but “false wood” paneling is faux pas?

  3. Heather

    yes. all of my clients are wanting me to paint faux bois on tv cabinets, kitchen islands, bedroom furniture. mostly taking the white melamine and painting it to look like walnut wood.

  4. Lee

    this just shows how my brain is wired I suppose – I look at most of those and see “zebra” rather than woodgrain… I was just sure that the animal print craze was coming back around, now I see it is wood, not animals.

  5. Allison

    Love the gray wallpaper and the acrylic table — very cool!

  6. kristiebarnett

    Heather – I would love to see some pics of how you make that work on white melamine! Amazing, I’m sure! Lee – the towels in particular DO look like animal print. And animal print is still very much in – zebra and giraffe are the current favorites.

  7. kristiebarnett

    Husband – it just is. I know it must be difficult to understand, but that’s why I’m the decorator and you are not. 🙂

  8. Shari

    I LOVE the wallpaper and would seriously consider using this in the future. Wouldn’t this look neat behind white bookcase shelves?! I also like the area rug, but if you didn’t put it on a wood floor where would you put it? I thought an area rug on carpet was also faux pas?

  9. kristiebarnett

    Phyllis, the doormat is from Pottery Barn. Shari, I really don’t think a rug over carpet is a faux pas. Especially if it’s used to ground a conversation area. You know, now that I think about it a little more, maybe the woodgrain rug WOULD look kinda cool over hardwood. But I don’t think everybody could carry that off . . .


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