GaGa for Rugs

This post has absolutely nothing to do with Lady Gaga.  I am ga-ga for this rug I found at a boutique here in town.  It’s a big white cowhide, and I keep trying to figure out if I can use it in my living room.  It’s probably not very practical – white in a high traffic area like this may not be the best choice.  But I really love it – what do you think?  I really like how they layered it over a rectangular jute rug.  I have one of those rolled up in the basement, maybe I should try that!  Do you ever layer rugs?  You should totally try it.

The Decorologist is GaGa for this Cowhide Rug


I am also ga-ga for this fun little number from West Elm.  Isn’t it fabulous?  I love the size – 8 foot square.  And the price isn’t bad either ($399).  I think it would look amazing in my friend Jen’s house, so I am sending her a link to it immediately! 

West Elm’s Lourdes Sanchez Bull’s-Eye Rug


This would make a fabulous piece of art mounted on a wall in a contemporary space, wouldn’t it?  Talk about a focal point!

Bull’s Eye Rug


  1. Dianne

    it would look good in Jen’s house…

  2. LaJuana Gill

    Love the cowhide! I’ve been wanting one for my “Texas Room” but RG thinks that’s a bit over the top.

    • Kristie Barnett

      why on earth would he think that???? he should definitely reconsider . . .

  3. Miranda W.

    I like the west elm rug. I’m thinking of getting it as a runner for my entryway to add a little pop of color as you first walk in the door!

    • Miranda W.

      I also read your post about indoor/outdoor rugs which has me thinking one of those could be perfect for an entryway since its a high traffic area! Decisions, decisions!

  4. Maria

    Can I buy this Rug?


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