Help Me Name LP SmartSide New Colors!

I hope you are in a helpful mood today, because I have a favor to ask! It has to do with the LP SmartSide new colors I’ve been working on:


lp smartside new colors by the decorologist



Last year, LP SmartSide asked me to put together my very best color schemes for exteriors – 20 color schemes and 35 total colors.

lp smartside lookbook

LP SmartSide 2016 LookBook, featuring The Decorologist


exterior color palettes

interior of LP SmartSide LookBook


And it’s not just about pretty colors – it’s what works best together, with specific instruction as to roof, stone, and brick that coordinate easily with the updated color schemes. Here’s a couple of examples:

LP SmartSide Color Set


LP trim and siding color

You can see more of the color palettes on the Upside to SmartSide blog.

As part of our ongoing partnership to make homes more beautiful, LP SmartSide asked me to create 25 MORE exterior color palettes, for a total of 45 color combinations and 75 specific colors to make up The Decorologist exterior color collection.

And you know what that means, right?


That’s right – I need your help choosing the names for my new colors! Last time around, I got so much input and great ideas from my blog readers and Facebook followers,so I’m going to call on you once again to help me nail these color names. Here are some of the neutrals we named already:

LP SmartSide neutral siding colors



Hopefully, that will give you an idea to the kinds of names that I chose. I’ve got 28 new ones to name, so I’m going to start with colors in this combo:

OB-color set gray #18


Leave your name ideas for these two colors in the comments below! Please follow me on Facebook so you can help me name more – I’ll be posting a few every day over the next week or so until we come up with the perfect ones. Thank you so much in advance – I love the perspective you bring and really appreciate your input!

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75 thoughts on “Help Me Name LP SmartSide New Colors!

  1. Barb V. says:

    How about “Grey Garden” for the gray? It has green tones. That’s the name of a Drew Barrymore movie, if it sounds familiar.
    Some sort of avocado name for the green one?

  2. Sylvia says:

    Fun!!!! I would use “Creekstone” for the gray and “Hedera” or Ivy for the green color! Thank you for allowing me to participate!!!! It’s always a joy to follow your blog Kristie!!!!!

  3. Amy says:

    Creamy white =Ice Milk
    Green = Summer Avacado
    Gray = Greystone (grey is preferred British spelling), or Classic Gray

    Good luck with this! What a fun project. 🙂

  4. Nicole says:

    Hi there! So excited about this!
    For the gray color – thunderstruck, graphite, steel drum, graybeard, hornbeam (European Tree), pensive

    For the green color – rabbit brush, desert brush, spring parsley, noble hops, dried hops, young hops. (the color is right on with hops!)

  5. Michelle says:

    For the gray, perhaps Colonial Gray or Storm Cloud, for the green perhaps Spring Moss or Celery Stick or Split Pea.

  6. Ana says:

    I am liking IRONWOOD!
    And for the green: BROOKGREEN DRIVE (or just BROOKGREEN). It reminds me of the color of a family member’s kitchen that was off Brookgreeen Dr.
    Good luck!!

  7. Heather says:

    I have another idea for the green:

    Scenic or Scenic Route

    I still like Alpha Gray, but I think Harbor Gray would work as well

  8. barbara black says:

    this is so exciting; it’s my palette! loving dark sky/ basalt and lichen/verbena. perhaps thunderous or celeriac?

  9. Molly says:

    I was trying to be all clever, thinking of names, but oh my you already have soooo many great ideas here!!

    I’ll throw a couple into the mix anyway: leaden & silky moss.

  10. Phyllis E says:

    “Clean Slate” for the blue-gray (reminds me of a light colored slate stone)
    “Garden Sage” for the green

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