Oh, Deer – Another Collection!

I *heart* deer.  I love to display my deer collection at Christmas time, because people aren’t as likely to think I’m nuts. 



This is the fireplace in my living room.  I’ve got nine small deer that I display on the mantel. 


 I cluster my deer in the garland, like they are peeking out of the forest. 



Most of these lovelies I found at yard or estate sales for less than a dollar. 




I found this sparkly doe at TJ Maxx last year.


I’m using a lot of gold this year rather than silver or mercury glass, like I’ve done before.  It’s a good thing, because there’s a lot of vintage gold deer out there.





My mother bought this deer that was part of a store display over 20 years ago.  It’s hokey, but cute.  My kids love it – it’s name changes every year when it comes out for Christmas.  It’s been Prancer, Comet, Blitzen, etc. – this year it’s Dancer.  Visiting children always want to ride it.


This lovely dear, I mean deer, is always on display in my living room.  But it’s happiest when surrounded by snowy trees and friendly gnomes.


I only collect things I love.  And I only have collections that are truly functional for me or that speak to my decor style.   I enjoy finding creative ways to display my collections, especially during holidays.  What collections do you display at Christmas?


  1. Dianne Tant

    I have some deer I put out also. my “collection” would be my tabletop trees…have a bunch so I don’t always put them all out – but sometimes I do….love your deer collection …and love the “snow” you put everywhere.

    • Kristie Barnett

      Dianne – I usually use vintage white garland on tabletops to act as a “snow” base for vignettes (like in the photo with with pink deer and the taxidermy, bejeweled deer). Last Christmas season, Anthropologie had “snow” all over their vignettes in the Green Hills store. It looked so cool, I had to copy it – so I’ve used on lots of tabletops around the house, too.

  2. Kelly, The Brave New Home

    Oh, Kristie! This is too funny. I just picked up that very same turquoise deer at Home Goods…along with a bright pink one! And, I have just started my own little deer obsession. I’ll take pix when I finally get around to decorating.
    Your house looks so pretty! Very original and cozy. Thanks for sharing!

    • Kristie Barnett

      i’m telling you, i think we might be soul sisters! i wish i had a pink glittery one. would love to see your holiday decorating pics!

  3. shelagh gombarcik

    Christi, I live in Tampa and love your sense of style. I look forward to reading your newsletter. I knew we had to be kindred spirits when I saw this post with the Cairn Gnome collection. Keep posting and I’ll keep reading.


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