Pink Christmas!

Why not have a pink Christmas this year?  Create a beautiful wreath like this with some shiny ornaments, wide pink ribbon, and a glue gun.


Pink trees are really festive and give a room a totally retro vibe.


Pink, red, and white make up the color scheme here.  And a touch of turquoise!


This room is all-out  fluffy pink confection – and a bit much, if you ask me.  But I like how they hung that gorgeous ornament wreath over the mirror.  Notice that the fireplace is totally faux!

Another example of pink, red, and white.  A variety of pinks make it more dimensional and interesting.  Stringing colorful beads and hanging ornaments on the chandelier is a great idea, too!


All you need is a handful of pink ornaments to make a statement.  Fill a vase, bell jar, or an hors d’oeuvres stand like this with pink baubles.

This is a photo of my youngest daughter a few years back in front of the small pink tree I use in our sunroom each year.  Do you like a little pink in your Christmas decor, too?

Photo Credits:  Mananet Baby, Swiss Miss, Country Living, Sensational Color, The Decorologist.

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Naturally Carol
9 years ago

Your pink tree brings a lovely warmth and glow to the room, but here, in a warm climate it is probably one of the last colours I’d choose. The last thing we need is to feel warmer! Now a soft aqua or pale lime green or plenty of white or silver…that’d be talking!

9 years ago

so sweet! 🙂 i like yours the best. beautiful. as always!

Michelle @ Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust

I love pink on any occasion! And your little girl is even cuter than the pink tree!

Warmly, Michelle

katie@Just Because Katie

I love anything and everything pink!!! For years, I had a pink and green Victorian Christmas tree. Then, as my girls started getting older, they wanted to know why we didn’t have the traditional red and green Christmas tree with the colored light?! . So I switched to what they wanted… Didn’t want them to be in therapy done the road 🙂 XoXo

katie@Just Because Katie

Ooooops! down the road…

9 years ago

We just put up a pink foil tree at work. It’s pretty over the top: green lights, silver and white ornaments, and I took a child’s fuschia tutu and turned it into a tree topper. It’s so fun!

Kelly, The Brave New Home
Kelly, The Brave New Home
9 years ago

Well, aren’t you right on trend! 🙂 Maybe you want to re-title the post “Honeysuckle Christmas” to get more traffic? 😉

Very lovely photos, Kristie! I’m gonna finally get going on the holiday decor today. At least get the boxes out. 🙂 Lots of shiny brites in fun candy colors. You’ll love them I’m sure!

Kelly, The Brave New Home
Kelly, The Brave New Home
9 years ago

wow. that was a lot of emoticons. sorry.

LaJuana Gill
LaJuana Gill
9 years ago

Personally, I’d like Kelta and Audrey under my tree for Christmas!

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