Little House on the Prairie Party

My oldest daughter has been a huge fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Little House on the Prairie book series since kindergarten.   When she turned 7,  it was only fitting to have a pioneer party for my little Half-Pint.

Little House Party Prairie Girl Costume
Let’s start with her outfit.  My sweet mother-in-law helped me make Audrey’s prairie bonnet from a pattern I found at the fabric store.  She actually helped me make 9 bonnets so that all the guests at the party would have a bonnet to take home with them!  I’m no seamstress, so this is NOT something I could have done on my own.  The shirt and skirt were found at Gymboree and totally had a prairie look.  And don’t forget the 2 braids or “plaits.”

For invitations,  I scanned a small illustration by Garth Williams in one of Audrey’s Little House books.  I added a sweet border and printed them on cream card stock from Michaels.  Click the invitation to download the editable file for your own party.

Little House Birthday Invitation


Yellows, blues, and greens were the main colors in the scheme.  I had a great quilt that was worked perfectly as a tablecloth.

Little House Party - Tablescape


My dear friend, Cathy, loaned me the prairie girl ceramic figurine and the fiddle.   The Little House books were on display, of course.

Little House Party Table Details


What do prairie girls eat?  Popcorn balls,  little apple pies,  pumpkin pies, and corn bread.

Little House Party Food


Little House Party Table


And, of course, cake!  I needed to make an appropriate cake for the occasion.  I found this precious Holly Hobbie cake pan on Ebay, and it just couldn’t have been cuter if I do say so myself!

Little House Party Prairie Girl Holly Hobby Cake
Don’t these little Holly Hobbie dolls from the 1970’s look like Ma, Mary, and Laura?

Vintage Holly Hobbie dolls

Little House Party Prairie Girl

For background music, I ordered “The Arkansas Traveler”  from Amazon.  It’s great fiddle music, just like Pa used to play.

the arkansas traveler



Check out all these sweet prairie girls!

Little House Party Guests

Little House Party Pic


I spread several patchwork quilts on the tables in my home.  We cut out triangles of calico scrapbook paper that the girls used to create their own paper patchwork quilts.

Little House Party Patchwork Craft


Little House Party Crafts


I taught the girls a simple back stitch so that they could sew some small bean bags like many little girls made in the “olden” days to play with.  Then they took turns having their silhouettes drawn (I hung craft paper on the wall of a darkened hallway and shined a strong flashlight to create a shadow to trace).  They cut out their own silhouettes on black construction paper and framed them with bargain bin frames.

Silhouette Craft for birthday party


Each girl got to take home her prairie bonnet and a “lunch pail” filled with prairie paper dolls,  old-fashioned chalkboard slates with chalk tied with twine, and a book slipcover.
Little House Party Goody Bags Buckets
I found a girl on ebay who makes all kinds of personalized stationery, so I ordered some with Holly Hobbie (yes, her again!) on them.  I thought this was an extra special touch.

Personalized Holly Hobbie Thank You Notes

Such lovely memories from this party.  Definitely one of my favorites.

Prairie Girls Costumes


  1. Jennifer Driver

    Such a cute party!

  2. Tammy

    Thank you so much for sharing these fun ideas. My 6 year old daughter will love a Little House on the Prairie party as she is already trying to convince us to let her move into the playhouse to live as Laura Ingalls. Thank you for sharing the invitation. I love it!

  3. Judy Yakuboski

    Very nice idea. I would never have given this theme a thought,but now I see how workable it can be wow the ideas strt to pop out.


  4. Ashley

    My daughter wants to have a Little House themed party. Where can I find the slates?

    • Kristie Barnett

      I think I found those online at Oriental Trading.

      • Ashley

        Thank you!

  5. vanessa @ silly eagle books

    So adorable, Kristie! I love how you displayed the books on the table and all those quilts are beautiful! You reminded me of a Holly Hobbie sheet set I had as a kid. I wish I still had that!

    I love the photo of the three of you in your bonnets. What a great memory. 🙂

  6. Gayle

    Thank you for posting this. My daughter (turning 8) is obsessed with Little House so we are doing a pioneer party for her. I used your invitation, mounted on dark green cardstock and added a gold/tan ribbon at the top. She loved it. Thanks for sharing the other ideas as well – now to narrow things down to what we can actually accomplish in the time available. 🙂

    • Tiff

      How do you get the invite? It does nothing when I click on it

  7. Kim

    I’m planning my own Little House party now. I’ll be using the invite you posted. Thank you soooo much for the inspiration!! You can check out my party planning at

    Have a very Ingalls day 🙂

  8. Jennifer

    You have wonderful ideas. My 4 & 6 year old are having a Little House Party also. I am trying to use the invitations you have but am unable to change the text. Am I doing something wrong? It just tells me it’s locked.

  9. Amelia

    I would love to print it but when I click on the picture it will only allow me to pin it. Maybe you could send it to me in a different format.


  10. Mary

    Do you remember where you purchased the pails? Looking for one for my daughters halloween costume. She is going as Laura Ingalls.

    • Kristie Barnett

      It’s been so long ago, Mary! It may have been Michael’s craft store, but you could check as well!

      • Mary

        Thank you! I found it at Hobby Lobby!! Halloween Costume saved.

  11. Laura Thibault

    HI there,

    I love your ideas and the invitation is adorable! I tried clicking on the invite and couldn’t open it?
    thanks for your help

  12. Rachel Roseman

    I had a Hollie Hobby birthday party when I was 5. My mother made my cake with that cake pan!

  13. Fran deLaRue

    Did you make vanity cakes like Ma did for the country party for the girls? ( On The Banks of Plum Creek)


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