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Painting Projects – One Paint Color, Three Ways

Spring is nearly, finally here! I actually have some spring bulbs popping up in my yard, which makes me hopeful for warmer weather. Spring!   Spring always inspires a few projects around my house, so here’s a few I finished up this week. Let’s start with the mid-century dresser I found at an estate sale […]

How to Welcome Your Victorian Furniture into the 21st Century

Since I recently discovered for myself how well chalk paint works on fabric upholstery, I’ve had several more projects churning in my head – this one in particular.  I have this old Victorian ladies’ chair that I’ve had for 20+ years.  It looked a bit like this one:  photo source  Last year when I started […]

One of the Most Shocking Things You Can Paint

Working on projects in my own home really helps me reconnect and be creative without concern about pleasing a client.  Of course, Mr. Man and the kids usually think my ideas are crazy (initially), but I am totally ok with that.    

Bargain Table Makeover – Chalk Paint Fail & Fix

Would you be able to see the potential in these yard sale tables?  One is a large coffee table, one is an end table, and one is a sofa table.  All with caning, missing the glass inserts that were originally included in this 1980’s set.  I picked them up for $30 for all three!  

Mirror Makeover with Annie Sloan Chalkpaint

A couple of months ago I found this varnished wood mirror at a yard sale for $30.  Didn’t love the 1970’s finish, but totally loved the frame.  I had no idea where I’d put it, but I buy things I love when I find them (if the price is right) and usually find a place […]

My Closet Makeover Reveal

Many of you know that my life was recently changed for the better after working with my professional organizer, Shelley. She found a way for me to convert my cramped master-closet-for-two into my own personal wonderland!  An Organized Closet In order to make this happen, we moved an armoire from another room into my bedroom, […]

All the Rage: Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint

You’ve heard about Annie Sloan’s infamous chalk paint, right?  I guess The Decorologist gets around, because a few weeks ago their PR person was kind enough to send me a “starter kit” to experiment with! Annie Sloan Chalk Paint They must have heard I have a ton of painting projects on my to-do list, and […]

New Ideas for a Crappy Cedar Closet

I am really starting to get excited about my closet project!  I loved all the ideas and advice you guys offered here.   Since my bedroom is a grayed-down lavender,  my closet is going to be something similar.  I really love the feminine colors of this little bathroom, so I’m going with lavenders, purples, and a touch […]