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Overhead Lighting – You Need a Plan

If you’ve ever built a home, you know that choosing overhead lighting from scratch can be a tricky thing. So many options, so many styles!   Your overhead lighting needs to work well together, but you don’t want a matchy-matchy lighting that look like it came in a boxed set from Home Depot. And what […]

Christmas with The Decorologist

Today I’m opening my door to give you a tour of my home at Christmas.  I’m not big on traditional Christmas color schemes, so get ready a heavy dose of pink and gold!    

Serial Furniture Rearranging & Other Disorders

As many of you know, I switched out my living room and dining room a few months ago and enjoyed a change of scenery in my home.  As the holidays approach, I decided I wanted enjoy the fireplace (sans books – see here what I’m talking about) so I switched them back.        […]

Add a Little Something to Your Ceiling

If you have a hanging light fixture, you need to consider a ceiling medallion.  It may be just what you need to add a little something architectural to your ceiling – to create a finished look.  Particularly if you have a chandelier with crystals.  I painted mine out the same color as my trim and […]

A Chandelier Dilemma

So I’m sitting in church a couple of weeks back, and a friend came over and told me she was getting rid of a chandelier and wanted to know if I might like to have it.  It seems the word has gotten around that I have a thing for chandies.  I have 16 hanging in […]

Hot Pink

I admit it.  I love Hot Pink.  Not (just) the color, but the store in Brentwood, TN.  It’s an unapologetically girly-girl kind of place.  It’s right next door to the popular Puffy Muffin restaurant, where my sisters and mom get together for lunch when each of our birthdays come around.  I popped in recently following such a […]

Crystal Ship Chandelier

Most of you know I have a weakness for chandeliers.  Here’s an over-the-top crystal ship chandelier that makes my mouth water!  This room has an overall Scandanavian feel, which I’m always drawn to.   So I thought I’d look around and see how this particular chandelier might look in another room.