Add a Little Something to Your Ceiling

If you have a hanging light fixture, you need to consider a ceiling medallion.  It may be just what you need to add a little something architectural to your ceiling – to create a finished look.  Particularly if you have a chandelier with crystals.  I painted mine out the same color as my trim and ceiling – Benjamin Moore’s Prescott Green HC140.


My Dining Room Chandelier and Ceiling Medallion 


There are all kinds of medallions available, from plastic to plaster.  Even the plastic-paper kind from Home Depot can look fabulous – you can’t tell the difference from so high up.   You just need to make sure the medallion fits the look of your space and works with the style of the room.  Paint them out your trim color, even if your trim is white – your trim color probably isn’t the same white that the medallion comes in, and you don’t want the medallion to feel stark, stick out too much, or scream plastic-y. 




And if you wanna think outside the box,  painted ceiling medallions make excellent architectural art groupings.  I love this:




And you could always make a clock out of one!



Have you considered installing a few ceiling medallions in your home?




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Sheila Zeller
9 years ago

That’s the fix we’re thinking of implementing for the off-centre chandelier we inherited with this house :-|. We need to find a new fixture, have the electrician move everything over, and we’re hoping a medallion will cover up where the old wiring was… but that’s a down-the-road project while we tackle others for now!

Karen Shelton
Karen Shelton
7 years ago

Kristie, do you have a picture of one of your fixtures, where you added a ceiling hook beside the medallion? I put this medallion up 10 years ago and now I have a stained glass fixture I want to hang over my kitchen table … I want it to be centred. I don’t want to put up the ceiling hook yet until I know it will look okay.

9 years ago

I love the idea of the medallions on the wall. What a fun idea to put on an accent wall and then paint the same color as the wall..humm…you got me thinking Kristie!

Rosalyn Kay
Rosalyn Kay
8 years ago
Reply to  Linda

I love this idea… but how do you find them with the middle not cut out? Where would I find something like this at a reasonable price… especially if I am just going to paint it anyway? THanks so much for your time. You all ROCK! Rosalyn

9 years ago

I love these. Thank you so much for the ideas. My dining room could use this. Kathi

9 years ago

Hi there!
I love medallions and thanks to you, reminding me about them, I’ll use one in my pantry! For some weird reason, the glass cover of the pantry’s old flush mount fixture dropped out of the sky recently and I wanted to replace it with a crystal chandelier, but it needs to be moved over a bit. The medallion will cover that little adjustment nicely, while looking wonderful!

Ashley @

gorgeous pics! Medallions are just so fun and you can literally make anything out of them- the options are endless! LOVE the wall art and clock pics particularly!!!

Kelly, Restyling Home by Kelly

I am so glad you mentioned to paint them the same as ceiling/trim color. Very important! You can’t imagine what I have seen out there(you probably could!) I love the idea of painting for art. How did they fill in the center holes? So cool! Great idea.
PS Happy Birthday my Friend!! xoxo

9 years ago

Beautiful, it is amazing how such a small touch can add so much. Clarice

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