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How to Decorate with Collections at Christmas

It’s really starting to feel like Christmas now that some of my client projects are wrapping up and I can focus on some holiday cheer with my family and friends.  I thought you might like to look around at some of the holiday collections and special vignettes that make me happy as I sit here […]

Are You Ready for Christmas? The Perfect Last-Minute Gift

Here it is – the day before Christmas Eve.  The Christmas season seems to fly by so quickly, especially when you have children.    I’m sure you’re just as busy as I am today, so I won’t keep you but a minute!  In and amongst all the Christmas bustle, I have been on several big projects for […]

A Victorian Christmas

The Christmas festivities have begun – my family and I travelled to my husband’s aunt and uncle’s home yesterday for our annual family Christmas get-together.  I just have to share a little of my aunt and uncle’s historic home.   They have lived in this lovely Victorian home for the last 20 years, and it has been […]

Simple Tip for Christmas Gift Wrapping

Rather than using ribbon on my Christmas gifts, this year I’m using inexpensive crepe paper.       I like the width and the fun texture of the crepe paper.  I bought a huge roll for about $3 from Target.  Super-easy to dress up even a plain white shirt box.   I’ve gotten tired of all […]

Christmas with The Decorologist

Today I’m opening my door to give you a tour of my home at Christmas.  I’m not big on traditional Christmas color schemes, so get ready a heavy dose of pink and gold!    

Paper Wreaths & Other Crafty Christmas Desires

There’s something about the Christmas season that sparks a bit of craftiness in me.  There are three projects that I am DYING to do over the next few weeks, but I am ridiculously short on time to do any of them.  However, I’m thinking if I say it aloud to you guys, it will encourage […]

Oh Christmas Theme, Oh Christmas Theme . . .

Do you have a theme for your Christmas tree?  Since many people have more than one tree for Christmas, I think more and more are choosing to “theme up” at least one of their trees.   What’s more natural than a bird-themed tree?   source  

The Decorologist’s Top Christmas Gifts

Well, the Christmas countdown is on.  I’m sharing my short list of gifts to give this Christmas, or maybe to put on your own wish list.  Just click on the links provided for more information.   Photo by Monica Buck   There are so many decorating and design books out there that are just full […]

Merry Christmas, Ruffled Tablecloth Winner!

Merry Christmas to my treasured readers of The Decorologist!  Thank you for all your support and encouragement this year.  I hope you have all had special times with family and friends.  It snowed overnight here in Nashville, so it was a beautiful sight to wake up to on a Christmas morning!  Here’s my oldest daughter […]