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A Victorian Christmas

The Christmas festivities have begun – my family and I travelled to my husband’s aunt and uncle’s home yesterday for our annual family Christmas get-together.  I just have to share a little of my aunt and uncle’s historic home.   They have lived in this lovely Victorian home for the last 20 years, and it has been […]

No Books Were Burned in the Making of this Post

I was inspired – so I took the plunge and did it!  I filled my fireplace box with a ton-o-books and . . . tah-dah! How About This for a Book Storage Solution?   Love it or hate it – what do you think?  I just love it – and if I must say so […]

This Isn’t A Book-Burning – It’s Artistic Display!

It’s finally summertime, and I won’t be lighting a fire in my fireplace anytime soon.  So . . . source   I’m really considering cleaning out the firebox and stacking it full of books for the summer season.  source   Why not put my love of books on display in a creative and unexpected way?  […]

5 Ways to Instantly Make Your Space Cozy!

Brrrrrr.  It’s cold and snowing in here in Nashville.  But it can be cozy and warm in the little nests we make for ourselves!  Here are my top 5 ideas for cozying up your home in winter: 1.  Bring in cozy fabrics in pillows, throws, and drapes like velvet, corduroy, or fur.  Even ruffles – […]

Dressing Your Mantel

The mantel over your fireplace is a great place to create a focal point, display beloved items, and show your personality.  The mantel itself can hold objects of all kinds:  candlesticks, crystal, books, pottery, collections.  Little children can’t reach, so put out your favorite breakables. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can use a […]