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Ceiling Light Dilemmas: How’s It Hanging?

Don’t you wish builders would use a little forethought when they install ceiling light fixtures?  Aargh.  Most builders hang ceiling light fixtures in the dead center of each room.  Is that where they should be hung?  Not always.  source   Just because someone installed the light in the middle of the room doesn’t mean that’s […]

Interior Design for a Nashville Living Room and a Few Designer Secrets for You!

This is one of my favorite room makeovers to date – just finished this one on Monday.   The client and her daughter follow my blog and contacted me a while back about doing a revamp on their living room here in Nashville.  The reason why I love this project is because it was all about enhancing the […]

Serial Furniture Rearranging & Other Disorders

As many of you know, I switched out my living room and dining room a few months ago and enjoyed a change of scenery in my home.  As the holidays approach, I decided I wanted enjoy the fireplace (sans books – see here what I’m talking about) so I switched them back.        […]

Nashville Interior Decorator Shares 6 Top Tips For Redesigning a Room

Here are a few great ideas to keep in mind if you are ready to redesign a room in your home, which are illustrated in this recent before-and-after of a client’s den.     1.  Stay true to who you are.   With children no longer in her home, this client was ready to redesign her den […]

She Likes to Move It

I have a client who calls me every six months or so to rearrange her furniture and “freshen things up a bit.”   The first time I met her, she and her husband had just moved here from Memphis.  This is how her living room looked when I got there:

Trading Spaces – The “New” Living Room

I’ve had several requests from you guys to see the “after” of the living room that now resides in my old dining room.  Here it is: “New” Living Room   This was the room when it was set up as the dining room – as it had been for the last 10 years.

How to Arrange Furniture in a Room with a Corner Fireplace

I have worked with 5 different clients just in the last few months who have the same decorating dilemma:  the dreaded corner fireplace!  Decorating Dilemma:  The Corner Fireplace Don’t get me wrong – it’s a perfectly lovely piece of architecture, but it can be difficult to figure out how to arrange furniture in  a room like […]

Prescription from The Decorologist: Change Your Rooms, Change Your Mindset

Do you ever re-envision your rooms?  Maybe your dining room should be your office instead.  Maybe your living room and dining rooms might like to trade places for a season, just to see what it’s like.  I decided it was time to give my dining room the chance to take center stage in my home […]

Another Example of Red + Turquoise

This weekend, I had to share one more image of a room with the red + turquoise combo that I blogged about earlier this week.  I especially love the patterns in this living room.   Hope you all have a lovely weekend.  I’m going to see a brand new play by Wes Driver and Greg Greene, […]