Spring Break is Decorating Time!

Winter is NOT my friend.  I just can’t stand cold weather and the shorter days that make me feel depleted of sunshine and light.  The change to daylight savings time really kicked my butt this year, but I am already loving the added daylight in the early evening.  After spending a lot of time indoors all winter, this tends to be the time of year that many of us get tired of our homes.  We want a little pick-me-up, but who can afford to redecorate every spring?  Since I’m on SPRING BREAK this week and not really working (well, we’ll see), I thought I’d share some ideas I included in an article a couple of weeks ago in The Tennessean about redecorating on a dime.

tole chandelier


One thing that can to spruce up your home this spring is COLOR.  Whether it’s a fresh, new paint color or a pop of colors in your accessories, adding color can definitely liven up your space.  Tired of the pinky-beige walls in your living room?  A couple of coats of gray-blue or gray-green can be a beautiful new backdrop for the furnishings and art you already own.  My advice is to purchase a few sample sizes of possible paint colors and coat a few posterboards.   Move the boards them around your room and view them at different times of the day.  This will give you confidence about the color you are choosing for the room before you commit to several gallons.

benjamin moore paris rain

Color by The Decorologist


Then there’s the option of painting lackluster furniture pieces.  Those dated dining rooms chairs might benefit from a coat of off-white, black, or even a more daring color.  Don’t toss out that old dresser – paint it out in a new color and use it in your living room instead of that predictable media center.  You can  paint everything from chandeliers, picture frames, lamps, and candlesticks to get a new and more interesting look from existing pieces.  

painted accessories decor

via Pinterest


A great way to enliven your space is to completely rethink your furniture arrangement.  Get all that seating off the walls and try floating your sofa and chairs out in the room, grouped around a focal point.  “Shop” your home for furniture and accessories from other rooms of your house.  Focus on improving the room you spend the most time in.  If that’s the living room or den, move your favorite things where you will enjoy them more than if they are languishing in a guest bedroom.  There is no such thing as a “bedroom chair” or a “dining room piece.”  You can use a hutch in any room of the house – even in a bathroom for an unconventional storage solution. Why not make your bedroom your private parlor, with a seating area and then some?

bedroom parlor

via Pinterest


Buying new things can certainly change your space for the better, but you don’t have to purchase large or expensive items to make a difference.  New pillows in on-trend fabrics, oversized lamps, or fun tabletop accessories can give your space the lift it may need.  

pillows west elm


Can’t afford new lamps?  Replace the dated pleated or triangular shades with drum or barrel shades in a linen fabric to give those old lamps new life.  Go through the linen closet to find a pretty blanket that can be folded and tucked down the middle of your old sofa.  The main thing is to think outside the box and try something a little different in your home.  

Will you be doing any decorating this spring break?  This might be the perfect time to watch my Color Workshop Video Series and find out my favorite on-trend neutrals and insider tips for using color to bring a fresh, current look to your interior space!



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16 thoughts on “Spring Break is Decorating Time!

  1. Paula Van Hoogen says:

    Hi Kristie—I really appreciate that you make an effort to help people shake things up a bit w/o spending a bundle. I was in a home here yesterday in which the lady had moved an oriental into her kitchen (no center island), and was making room for a larger rug to come in her living room.
    This kitchen is a bit lack luster–but, WOW! did that rug ever punch things up. She’d replaced some really low old, club chairs in the LR with 3 beautiful, silvery colored cut chenille ones, higher backs. (It’s a
    2 story ceiling). What a great change–we’re in the mountains with lots of wood and stone inside, so the lighter colored furniture was a welcome relief. Of course these additions means she is spending,
    but even new lamp shades or slip covers can help.
    PS: Enjoy your kids this week instead of working!

  2. [email protected] Nikiforoff Designs says:

    Because I’ve done so many low-budget redesign projects for customers, I’ve actually used pretty much all the ideas listed here in your great post. I do many of the same things for myself as well. If one can sew (as I can) and handle a can of spray paint or a brush, you can have a new look for a song!

    I was staging a home and needed a large piece of furniture in the family room. Next door was a guest bedroom that had too much furniture. I moved the long dresser into the family room to use as a console/buffet style item, placed nice accessories and a lamp on it, and it really made the room look great. The home owner (the husband) was freaking out when I was moving the dresser. He couldn’t figure out why anyone would put a dresser in a family room. But after I got it moved and staged, he became a believer. 😉

    Like you say, “think outside the box”…this is especially true when you have a reeeeeeaaaalllly small budget 🙂 Loved your post! (I think that spray painted camera is so cute! I see tons of these old ones at thrift stores and have wondered what to do with them. Great idea!)

  3. sarah says:

    omg that picture of your couch and how you mixed chevron and different prints with the pillows! absolutely love it! Ive been searching for a fabulous grey couch like yours to accessorize with those types of patterns! Where did you find your couch?? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  4. Lisa says:

    Are there more pictures of this room(with the west Elm couch) I’d love to see wall color and curtains to tie it all together….I have that couch and am I need of some ideas;)

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  6. Brittney says:

    Hi! Love your posts- I actually found it on Pinterest! I was wondering where you got those grey couches from/what brand they are? They look so comfy- I’m looking for couches just like that for a new apartment and would love those!! Please let me know- thanks!!

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