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The Decorologist’s Call to Ban the Boob Light!

You know how much I want to help you. I consider this a public service announcement, really. There ARE alternatives, affordable alternatives, to the boob light fixtures that have been prevalent in homes across the land for the last couple of decades. The time has come to BAN THE BOOB LIGHT once and for all! […]

How To Make Valentines From Paint Chip Samples

Although I love to send vintage or vintage-inspired Valentine's Day cards, these I made from paint color sample chips are a lot of fun to make and send!    

Small Space Solutions for Nashville Musician

One thing I really love to do is to figure out the essence of a client’s style and make it happen for them in their space.  It’s so much fun for me to help create different atmospheres that express who the homeowner is or who they hope to become. So I was happy to help this […]

No More Nipple Lights! Alternatives for Flush Mount Lighting

I get lots of requests from design clients and blog readers for recommendations for alternatives to those generic builder-grade flush mount light fixtures in their entries and hallways.  You know – the dreaded nipple lights:    Dated Brass Nipple Lights My decorating experience here in Nashville and with online clients has certainly forced me to […]

Paint Chip Valentines

Although I love to send vintage or vintage-inspired Valentine’s Day cards, I thought it might be fun to send out something like these instead:   I picked up these paint chips at Lowe’s while I was shopping for lighting and plumbing fixtures for a client this week.  The paint swatches with the holes work great […]

Bathing in My Dreams

Hope your weekend is off to a good start!  Today I’ve been working up a decoration consultation for a client and still need to reorganize all the staging props I picked up yesterday after de-staging a client’s home that is now under contract (hurray!).  Then I might watch a movie with Mr. Man tonight – we […]