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Organization Can Be A Beautiful Thing

I am really good at making the surface of my home look lovely, but there's a lot that lies beneath the surface.  A lot of stuff.  Lovely things I have collected over the years and not-so-lovely things that I have no place or use for.  This time of year gets me thinking that I need to be even more mindful […]

Using Trays for Corralling Displays

One of my favorite things to use in decorating tabletops and ottomans is the humble tray.   It’s great for corralling all kinds of pretties and collectables. Pinterest   Trays are perfect for the popular upholstered ottoman –  it’s not the end of the world if a glass or vase gets knocked over.  And it’s the perfect […]

My Closet Makeover Reveal

Many of you know that my life was recently changed for the better after working with my professional organizer, Shelley. She found a way for me to convert my cramped master-closet-for-two into my own personal wonderland!  An Organized Closet In order to make this happen, we moved an armoire from another room into my bedroom, […]

Nashville Decorator Reveals 3 Tricks to Making Your Bedroom Appear Larger

Many of you know I’ve been working with a Professional Organizer to get my home in shape.  My Bedroom   We’ve concentrated a good deal of time and effort in my bedroom and closet, which I blogged about here.  I already had one large armoire in my bedroom, which I used to house a television […]

The Decorologist Is Now Offering in Nashville: Professional Organizing Services

I’m thrilled to announce that we will now be offering Professional Organizing as one of the services provided here at The Decorologist!  My recent (and ongoing) experience with a professional organizer has rocked my world and convinced me that home organization is a vital part of living in a functional + beautiful space. Command Central […]

Even a Compulsive Collector Can Be Organized

  I began working with a professional organizer yesterday because my life seemed to be teetering on the edge of disarray!   I am really good at making the surface of my home look lovely, but there’s a lot that lies beneath the surface . . . You have no idea what all is in those drawers . […]

Edit and Declutter Your Kitchen

It’s the perfect time of year to edit your possessions.  We’re typically weary of all the holiday decorations and excess and are ready to clear out the clutter.  Let’s begin by focusing on one of the main areas of the house where you spend the most time:  the kitchen.  To get this area clean and clear, follow […]

Feedback Time! and Last Chance to Win My December Prize Give-Away!

Just two days left to sign up to win my December Give-Away!  Simply sign up for email alerts when I post a new article and be eligible to win a set of  5 IKEA glass votive holders with pink detailing.  I will draw a winner from my blog followers on New Year’s Day and let you […]