How to Take “Country” and Make It “Arty”

As promised, I’m sharing another before and after from the Nashville home featured Monday.  

7O3A4153 400x600 How to Take Country and Make It Arty

The Decorologist

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3 Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Today I’m sharing three simple bedroom decorating ideas for your home. You’ll see how I used these tips when decorating a teenage boy’s room, but they are applicable for any bedroom or guest room.

7O3A1133 445x600 3 Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas  

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Amazing Grace and Design

Earlier this week, I got to revisit a client’s home from last summer. She needed help installing some art that she had recently commissioned from a vendor/artist at the Nashville Flea Market, which turned out really beautiful. The artist wrote on three pieces of reclaimed and painted barn wood, and the pieces needed to be hung together as a series.

DSC 7724 399x600 Amazing Grace and Design

ombre staircase and inspirational art

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Creating a Meaningful Home

Today I am guest blogging for Jenna Burger over at SAS Interiors, one of my FAVORITE design blogs.   Jenna has been running a summer blog series about creating a meaningful home – which means different things to different people, right?  I think we can all agree that each of us wants a special place to come home to, some place that feels personal and JUST RIGHT.  I must admit I develop a little crush on every room I am invited to design, but I am always most ardent for my own abode.

  DSC 6971 436x600 Creating a Meaningful Home

Come on in, why don’t cha?

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Don’t Wear High Heels to the Flea Market

I have a couple of girlfriends who grabbed me at church on Sunday and said, “We’re going to the flea market.  Let’s go!”  So off we went, high heels and all.  I haven’t been to the Nashville Flea Market in what seems like a bazillion years, which is sad given how much I love this kind of thing!  I fell in lala-love with this vintage patio lounger, but it had a rip and cost $145.  

2013 05 26 10.08.11 600x460 Dont Wear High Heels to the Flea Market

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How to Style a Gorgeous Bookcase

Did you ever wish you could make your messy bookcases look like they do in a magazine?  Let me show you how bookcase styling can make yours look fabulous, too!  You’ll have to empty out the contents first, then:

3d5498350cbbb392052edbb312818971 482x600 How to Style a Gorgeous Bookcase

Design by Meg Braff via Pinterest


1.  Start with hardback BOOKS.  It is a bookcase, afterall.  Your bookcases will always look cluttered and messy if it’s filled with trinkets and photos.  I think bookcase styling should require more books than anything else.      [Read more...]

Organization Can Be A Beautiful Thing

I am really good at making the surface of my home look lovely, but there's a lot that lies beneath the surface.  A lot of stuff.  Lovely things I have collected over the years and not-so-lovely things that I have no place or use for.  This time of year gets me thinking that I need to be even more mindful and creative in making those collections functional and beautiful, otherwise they may be headed to Goodwill. Organization and storage doesn't have to just be functional.  It can also be a thing of beauty.  Look in your drawers and cabinets and see how you can use the things you love to look at to improve the function of your everyday life.

DSC 2861 Organization Can Be A Beautiful Thing

The Decorologist

There are many things that you may love for decorative purposes that can also serve a functional purpose if you think outside the box a bit.  

Vases & Pottery:  Sure, you pull them out when you're lucky enough to receive fresh flowers, but why keep your pretty ceramic or glass vases in the cabinet most of the time?  I have a collection of vintage McCoy pottery, and I use them to hold pencils, paint brushes, and hobby supplies in my office.  You could do the same with old mason jars or pretty tea pitchers.


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