Ruffles are everywhere!  It started in fashion, where ruffles are on the hottest tops, skirts, dresses, purses, and shoes.  Look around – it’s already all over decor now, as well.   And these are NOT your grandma’s ruffles . . .









Photo Credits:  PomPomInteriors, AbsolutelyBeautifulThings, IndiaRose, CrateandBarrel, Etsy (5&6), BrocadeHome, LaylaGrace, CountryLiving, AtHomeWithIt.


  1. finally! one of my favorite things in the world is now a trend! i think im going to go stock up on ruffle pillows and keep them forever or until they go out of style. i love feminine detailing!! i especially am drooling over that second image. i love round entry tables.

  2. Never fear, Heather – feminine is not on its way out yet! I have a round entry table myself, and I would love to have that tablecloth! I have a round coffee table with a tablecloth very similar to the layered one in the first picture made by a fabulous seamtress friend of mine, Christiana Liddle. I hope to put up a post soon of all the amazing table slipcovers she has been creating for me. You might want to have her make one for you!

  3. Love it, love it, but that’s not why I’m replying :-) Will you educate me on how you got so good at blogging? I want help because if you look at my blog you’ll see it’s pathetic – Thank you.

  4. Daniel, you are too kind. This is all pretty new to me – I had barely even read a blog when I started mine. I had an idea (ideas) and I needed a way to get my thoughts “out there.” So I just started doing it – clueless as I was in terms of technology. I just keep learning and trying to understand more of the computer lingo – although I STILL do not understand what Twitter is! I do a lot of google searches to try to educate myself about the things I don’t understand. I’ll check out yours – I’m sure it’s not that bad! We are more critical of ourselves than others are!

  5. Daniel – I just checked out your blog, and I really like it! It’s clean and simple – which goes with cleaning :) with good information for your readers. You need to set up something on it where people can subscribe to it – that will help remind people to check it when you have a new post. Then promote, promote, promote. And write posts more often (but not TOO often). I would really try to target it to other house cleaners – I find that decorators/stagers are some of my most loyal followers. Keep on keeping on – you’re doing great!

  6. cute cute cute!

  7. We must read some of the same magazines and catalogs; I ran across several of these pics last week—-Garnet Hill, maybe?

  8. Dianne Tant says:

    I’m really loving that YELLOW/

  9. Lots of fantasticinformation and inspiration.

  10. Karina Aguon says:

    Kristie, I thought of you this weekend. I was looking through a Country Living magazine at the supermarket and saw some ruffled curtains in one of their layouts. I am really enjoying your website and LOVE all of the ideas. You are very talented!

  11. loved the way you say it , these are definitely not your grandma’s ruffles. Love the ruffled pillows from Etsy. Especially the teal blue and purple silk ones.


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