Galloping into a Home Near You – The Horse Trend

I’m sure many of you have noticed the pletherication of horse-themed art.  Don’t google it – I totally just made up that word.  I think I meant proliferation.   Anyway, the horse trend is in full trot.



Ballard Designs has several in their current catalog, like this one:



The colors of the horse art I’m seeing are usually muted and natural, making this art easy to incorporate in most homes.  Here’s another one from Ballards that has a little more color:




Horses are lovely subjects, but do you think this kind of art will look a bit out-of-trend in a few years?



I’m also seeing a horse statues and bookends coated in lacquer, like this one from ZGallery:



I stumbled upon these vintage horse lampbases on Etsy.  Maybe there are old horse accessories that could be modernized a bit to capitalize on this current horse craze?  LOVE this color green!


 What do you think of the horse/equestrian trend?  Yay or Neigh?  Sorry, couldn’t resist :)


  1. haha–I like the last line. :) I think I like the horse trend….

  2. Funny you should be posting this because I was literally just thinking about this yesterday. I do love the look but I already think it’s dated because it’s everywhere in blogland. I wouldn’t do it unless it was something out of the ordinary like the funky green lamps.

    • Yes, Carol – I must say I agree. Maybe some smaller accessories, but not large-scale art. Of course, I don’t think it wouldn’t look dated to the general population anytime soon, as folks like you and I are very in tune to the “trends” and tend to be bombarded with the newest stuff. Really like your blog and your Ben Moore color picks!

  3. Hello Kristie,

    How are you? You are very blessed with talent! Jennifer Becker & I went to high school together and she gave me your info. since I am trying to put together my own home staging business in Ft. Worth, TX. I was wandering if I could ask you a couple of questions: Which staging school did you go with QC??? Do you have your own personal painters, & do they move the furniture as well? Did you use a furniture rental company as first? Fondly

  4. I really like the equestrian look and feel, but in a more subtle way… colours, textures, strategic accessories that hint at equestrian, but not necessarily the full-on display of horses. I have to say, those vintage lamps would be perfect to seal the deal, so I’d take those horses in!

  5. I definitely think the best way to incorporate this look would be with an owl or bird riding on the horse’s back.

  6. You know, I love horses and even had one as a teen, but this trend is not doing it for me. I think it’s because I spent most of my jr high and high school years putting pics of horses all over my walls. I do like the two paintings you showed because they are more artistic, but I don’t think they will be on my walls at this time in my life.

  7. I like these. Horse paintings shows intimacy, kindness, grace, lines, area, and motion/muscle etc. Therefore it present a combination of several elements an art can give, except for bright colors. By no wonder it can always occupy a spot in decoration. I have a big zebra art in my loft:)

  8. Reminds me of a great quote from 30 rock:
    Liz Lemon: “Our children should ask themselves, ‘what is art’?”
    Jack Donagy: “We know what art is! Art is paintings of horses!”

  9. Lisa in an above comment took the words right out of my mouth – the whole look reminds me of my teen years bedroom decor!

  10. I don’t know why but the horse trend doesn’t have the right vibe for me. I do like it in some of the pictures you posted here but I wouldn’t select it for my home.

  11. The horse/equestrian trend? We have some pretty modern & funky home decor items in store at that are a fantastic take on the horse/equestrian trend! Check out our herringbone horse ottoman and also the Palomino Fine Bone China tableware Love to know what you think!


  12. whoa Nellie says:

    Unless of course, you ARE an equestrian. Then it totally makes sense for the long haul!

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