Get Lucky with a Little Quatrefoil

I’ve loved quatrefoil patterns for some time now.  Maybe it’s because of their symbolism – quatrefoil means “four leaves” and the pattern represents good luck.  Who couldn’t use a little of that vibe?

quatrefoil headboard from Horchow Get Lucky with a Little Quatrefoil



Maybe it’s the repetitive symmetry, kinda like the imperial trellis trend I blogged about here.

quatrefoil wallpaper via findingpretty wordpress Get Lucky with a Little Quatrefoil



Maybe because there’s a historical familiarity to the design – it’s been a common theme in architectural and Christian symbolism for centuries. 

Quatrefoil Chair Side Chair Alexandra via evadesigns Get Lucky with a Little Quatrefoil source 


Whatever the reason, I can’t get enough of it.  The good thing is, it’s popping up all over the place. 

quatrefoil lamp via thisnext Get Lucky with a Little Quatrefoil



pink quatrefoil pillow by claytongrayhome Get Lucky with a Little Quatrefoil



While I was working on an On-Line Design Consultation this week, I chose a quatrefoil mirror for above my client’s entry table.   The one my client and I loved was over $500 from Horchow.  Then I found a similar mirror from Lowes for only $65.  Score!!!

quatrefoil mirror from lowes Get Lucky with a Little Quatrefoil



How do you feel about the quatrefoil trend?


pixel Get Lucky with a Little Quatrefoil


  1. I love it too. It looks modern and fresh and yet still feels classic.

  2. Hey Kristie… I did not know there was a name for this design. Now I have to goggle quatrefoil so I make sure I pronounce it correctly :) and what a great deal you found at Lowes!!! XoXo

  3. Stunning fabric on that cushion! I even like the

  4. You can put me down for a “yes” on this trend. Love it!

  5. LOWES?! Are you kidding me?? Wow. I love this shape as well.

    Warmly, Michelle

  6. I’ve definitely been running into the quatrefoil shape a bit with my furniture, accessories, and fabric suppliers.

    • Ragan, Do you think this pattern is appealing to your clients? I’m finding that mine are not necessarily aware of it or asking for it, but they love it when I present to them as an option.

  7. Dianne Tant says:

    this is the pattern I asked you about when you were at my house. now we know what it is called.

  8. I love it! I saw someone use a quaterfoul stensil for the backsplash instead of tile and it looked fabulous!

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