The Closet Office

I’ve always wanted a closet office.  You know, the kind that holds absolutely all you need and then closes up to cover all the mess.  But with a closet office like these, I’d never want to close the doors!  Living in an old house means I have very few closets and none to spare for an office, but you just might . . .


Maybe you remove the closet doors and hang some filmy curtains, like they did here:


The secret to a beautiful office closet is twofold:  fabulous color and proper organizational accessories. 



Just a few shelves and a pretty color in the back of this office closet  make it special.  Cork on the back side of the door is a great way to maximize function in a small space.


Think you don’t have a nice enough closet to pull this off?  Think again – check out the following before and afters for inspiration.  Here’s just a regular bedroom closet, before:

Now, you better make sure you’re sitting down for the after.  FABULOUS.


All it takes is a little vision.  And a little color.

Photo Credits:  Decorpad, Shelter Pop, CasaSugar, Young House Love, Country Living, The Office Stylist.

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5 thoughts on “The Closet Office

  1. Heather says:

    love this!!! i’ve always dreamed of a closet office too, but never the appropriate space to do it. that before and after is amazing. its my fave color too! hope you are well. looking forward to visiting with you tomorrow if you can still come 🙂

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