Designer Bedrooms for Teens

Today I wanted to share some beautiful rooms to provide inspiration for adding some pizazz to your teen’s bedroom, guest bedroom, or your own bedroom.   This one is an example of how sophisticated purple can be in small doses.

Pink looks all grown-up with gray/silver accents and sophisticated fabric patterns.

I love this crazy Moroccan-gone-pastel room!  Unexpected and totally unique.  I bet this teen’s friends love to come hang out with her in this room!

A traditional posterbed gets a facelift with bright colors and fun patterns in this bedroom by Kathryn M. Ireland.

There’s nothing like wallpaper to create atmosphere in a bedroom.  This toile demands a lot of attention and is best paired with plain bedding with little pattern.  Oh, and those wooden beams ROCK!

I didn’t want to forget the boys – grays and browns look sharp against a white backdrop.  Don’t you love the stacked suitcases used for a bedside table?  They appear to be up on bricks and topped with a wooden tray.

Below is a teen bedroom in a home I recently staged.   I didn’t design this room, but I did make some changes to improve the appeal for possible buyers (and their teenage daughters!).   The chocolate brown ceiling is the key to making this girly pink room feel grown-up.


This formerly stuffy Victorian settee is much more fun in a white paint finish. The fashion prints in this art grouping are available at Hot Pink in Brentwood.

I hope these rooms and ideas inspire you to try something new in one of your own bedrooms.  New bedding or a fresh coat of paint can provide some major pick-me-up for a tired bedroom!

 Photo Credits:  House Beautiful (1-6), StoneBrookStaging (7-9).


  1. Dianne Tant

    I wish I still had the white French Provincial bedroom suite I grew up with! I could really jazz it up now.

  2. Terry (Mitzi Leigh's Friend)

    So funny Dianne Tant… I was just thinking about my little “Frenchie” suite with the canopy… the canopy I begged for, and then swore I was having bad dreams and seeing things up there in the night. LOL. Mommy finally took down the pink butterfly canopy and frame (that also matched my bedding) and left me with four posters. We (or she) got rid of that bedroom suite as I outgrew it (for some modern walnut teenage thing… treasured that thing until my early 30’s… go figure). But the thing I held onto… believe it or not… until now (and I’m 48) was the top sheet and pillowcases that matched my full-sized “Frenchie” canopy bed ensemble. Aaaaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhh! What was I thinking? I could have jazzed up mine too and sold it for a pretty penny at GasLamp. Oh well… live and learn. 🙂


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