How to Spruce Up a Hutch with Shelf Liner

I was at Home Goods last week and found this fabulous repositionable shelf liner.  Isn’t this flamestitch pattern gorgeous???

 Macbeth Self-Adhesive Shelf Liner from HomeGoods


Recently, I encouraged one of my clients to paper the back of a dark hutch in her dining room with some wallpaper or scrapbook paper to bring in more of the colors in the palette we had chosen for that room and the adjoining room (avocado green and blue).   I knew immediately that this color and pattern might be just what she needed, so I scooped it up.  And then I thought about my own dining room hutch:

Antique Hutch Before 


Hmmm.  I’ve always wanted to do something interesting to the interior of this hutch, but it’s a family heirloom and I was hesitant.  But the shelf liner is removable, so no big long-term commitment if I don’t like it!  Lucky for me, the liner came in a two-pack (one for me, one for my client)!  I emptied out the hutch and took a good look at it yesterday morning.

 Empty Hutch


I did most of this myself, but it helps to have another person pull the backing off as you smooth the sticky part down. My eleven-year-old helped me (and she took this photo).

 Adhering the Shelf Liner


It was looking kinda crazy at this point.  It’s quite a juxtaposition with the antique hutch.  But I have faith and will follow through with this project – I can always peel it back off, right?

 ZigZag A-Go-Go


It may seem a bit much, but it’s definitely better with some decorative items in front to tone it down a bit.

wallpaper cabinet

 Antique Hutch After Shelf Liner Applied to Back


Stepping back away from it, I’m really liking the way it looks!  It’s kinda bold, but I think it works to liven up this traditional piece of furniture.

 Flamestitch Shelf Liner 


I like how it picks up on the blues in some of my vintage art grouping and my portrait of the lady in the blue dress.


 Dining Room


I used one entire roll of shelf liner to completely cover the back of the hutch.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to break into the second roll and can give it to my client to try on her hutch!



From beginning to end, this project took a little more than an hour and cost me less than $10. Totally worth it, don’t you think?


  1. amy@maison decor

    I love it Kristie! I was just at a clients home yesterday and suggested painting the interior of an old wooden hutch or using beadboard wallpaper, but this is really a fun idea with no commitment!

  2. Andrea Brooks

    Totally worth it!! I love the way it turned out!

    • Kristie Barnett

      thanks, andrea. this is soooo much easier than wallpapering or painting, and it looks really great.

  3. Victoria @ Edin's House

    Really quite fresh and fun… and it’s terrific that you can remove it – or change it – given your design-intention for the dining room 🙂

    • Kristie Barnett

      That certainly is the best part – since it’s not wallpaper, it should be pretty easy to remove if I tire of it or want to change it out.

  4. Sheila Zeller

    I really love what you’ve done… I was out today looking for wallpaper for the back of a bookcase in our office! And I think I might have found it. Only now I would love to find some removable shelf liner instead!

    • Kristie Barnett

      what kind of pattern are you going for, sheila? i’m trying to get more info on the company that made the shelf liner. their website doesn’t have the liner on it, but they show an amazing array of patterns for their other items.

  5. Holly

    I think it certainly works – and you’re right that it breaks up the traditional look too. A quick, wallet-friendly update – nice job Kristie!

  6. Stephanie@cre8tive

    It really brings the colors of the room to that hutch. Having the white pieces in front of it does tone it down, so it works. You never know what you are going to find at HomeGoods!

  7. Paula Van Hoogen

    Now your talkin’! I think many of us are on the economy plan right now!
    Love what you can do with your own hands! YAY, Kristie!
    My daughter has our hutch like this on her back porch. Think I’ll get it back one day & do this (she says she doesn’t want it).

    • Kristie Barnett

      great – you totally should do it, paula! send me a pic 🙂

  8. Barbara

    What a great detail to add to the piece!

  9. LiveLikeYou

    Totally fun. Love the flame stitch!!

  10. Melissa

    I love your blog! I pinned this site a long time ago and after reading this post, I thought of you. I’m thinking about using contact paper on the backs of some book shelves.

  11. Kate Smith

    What a fabulous way to add color and pattern without a huge expense. Thanks for sharing the process and pics.


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