Ideas for Displaying Photos

We’ve all got them – tons of family pictures in boxes or, in my case, still housed on the computer.  Sometimes a little inspiration is all you need to start displaying those treasured photos.  An easy way to start is by spray-painting a bunch of frames the same color.  White and black are classic, but how about red, green, or yellow?

red picture frames via familycircle Ideas for Displaying Photos

photos and artwork display via familycircle Ideas for Displaying Photos How about displaying your children’s photos with their artwork?  These mismatched frames work together  because of the tight, playful grouping.




Here’s another example.  This is a great grouping for a breakfast room, don’t you think?

children photos and art via apartmenttherapy Ideas for Displaying Photos



Doors can be an interesting if unexpected resting place for vertically hung photographs.  Hang the largest photo at eye level and hang others above and below that.  Just make sure it’s a door that isn’t opened or closed frequently.  photos hung on door via familycircle Ideas for Displaying Photos




displaying photos from domino via apartmenttherapy Ideas for Displaying Photos These photographs “read” as  an orderly whole rather than random snapshots because of the uniformity of the frames and the lack of space between them.




In artist David Arms’ home, a  side entry hall is devoted to black and white family photos.  The dark chocolate background of the walls makes the photos pop.  David also had all the photos printed with white borders.  Each corner of the photos are held to the wall with tiny stick pins.

DSC 2536 Ideas for Displaying Photos




photos on a ledge via lhj Ideas for Displaying Photos Ledges and shelves are great places to display photos.  Don’t forget to mix in books, glassware, ceramics, or other decorative items to bring in color and add interest.




Using similarly matted and framed photos, you can create a border around a room.  Make sure you alternate vertical and horizontal and line them up by their top edges.  You don’t have to encircle the entire room with photos, but make sure you  “wrap” the photos around the corner of the room to get this effect. border of photos via lhj Ideas for Displaying Photos




How do you display your family photos?



Photo Credits:  Family Circle, Apartment Therapy, Kristie Barnett, Ladies Home Journal.

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  1. Debbie Hostetler says:

    Thanks for the tips Kristie! This is something I’ve always struggled with!

  2. Thank you for reading, Debbie!

  3. Love the one where they didn’t leave any space between the photos. Totally gonna do that (when I actually get my pictures printed. And buy some frames. And a house.) And those red frames in the first picture just make me happy.

  4. LOVE this post! I will be referring to it frequently when we move into our “forever” home (one day). I have so many photos that I love and want to display but don’t know how. There are some fabulous ideas here. Great job!

  5. I am getting some great ideas. I am not very good at this kind of thing and you have helped me a lot. Thank you.


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