Dinner Party with a Winter Forest Theme

Did you all have a fun New Year’s Eve?  This year I hosted dinners with friends two nights in a row.  You might ask, how did I manage?  I served the same menu both nights, that’s how!

I’ll get to the menu – but first, let’s talk tablescaping.  Here’s an easy trick for a winter centerpiece:  First I took a winter wreath with lots of leaves and pinecones and the pedestal bottom of a cake stand.

Then I inverted the pedestal and rested the winter wreath atop it so the stand of the pedestal sticks up through the middle.

At this point, you can insert a cake dome upside down to sit in the inverted pedestal stand.  I filled my upside down cake dome with silver and white Christmas ornaments.

Since I wanted a winter forest theme, I topped the ornaments with another Christmas ornament – an owl made of natural-looking material.

My colors were white and blue, with some greens from the leaves and fake trees.   I wanted it to feel like a snowy winter forest, but not like a Christmas table.  I hung white Martha Stewart pompoms available at Michaels to give the impression of snow falling.    


Crystal, silver, and snowy Christmas garland were added to suggest ice and snow.


I wanted the menu to be low-stress and fairly light.  I decided on Strawberry, Turkey, and Brie Paninis.  My guests helped me assemble the paninis:  White Mountain Bread from Publix, sliced strawberries, sliced turkey, fresh basil leaves, a slice of Brie, and red pepper jelly.  Sandwiches were brushed with butter and grilled on my George Foreman Grill.  Simply delicious!



We also had squash soup and croutons ready-made from Trader Joe’s and a side salad.  For dessert, I baked homemade butter cookies and my Romanian friend, Diana, made a lovely English Trifle.  Very multi-cultural, haha! :)







This dinner party and tablescape would work for any wintertime meal with friends.  A little imagination and inspiration can make an ordinary dinner extraordinary!




  1. Pam Barnett says:

    You are amazing. I’m so glad your are in our family.
    Luv ya daughter in love, Pam

  2. Michelle L. says:

    Love that centerpiece. What a beautiful idea. I think even I could do that! Except for the owl… can’t do birds on the table.

  3. Kristie Barnett says:

    Why no birds on the table, Michelle? Are you afraid they’ll poop on the table? Hahaha! Couldn’t resist! :)

  4. Just wanted to stop by to tell you how lovely your home is (found you on Apartment Therapy). Your dining room is my favorite! Happy New Year.

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