Baby Shower for Heather Spriggs Thompson of Gathering Spriggs Magazine

This weekend, my home was the setting for a baby shower for a dear friend and fellow blogger, Heather Spriggs Thompson.  We met several years ago online (haha, I love to say that) and connected on both a personal and business level.  Her friends and family wanted to help welcome her baby boy into the world with a party that would be perfect for this artistic, creative, nostalgic, beautiful mother-to-be.


 Baby Shower Tablescape 


Since the nursery’s theme will be “Vintage Travel,”  the other hostesses and I put on our thinking caps to come up with decorations and props to style the event.  Heather is a decorative painter, stylist, and designer, so you can imagine how important is was to us to create just the right setting for her shower!

baby shower tablescape

 Vintage Travel Baby Shower


My collection of vintage luggage and old globes came in handy.  We hung groupings of lanterns and tissue pompoms that worked with the color scheme.   And did you spot that vintage Fisher Price airplane in the background?

  the decorologist

 Baby Shower Tablescape


I tore out pages from a vintage maps book and scattered them around all over the tabletop and on a few windows and mirrors.


Maps and Book Pages Make Great Party Decorations



I fashioned a centerpiece out of flowers and fan-folded maps.  One of the other hostesses came up with the darling invitation you see here.

 Floral Centerpiece with Folded Map Pages


One of Heather’s creative friends (I think all of her friends are creative!) made this fabulous hot air balloon message board for the nursery.  Shower guests filled it with blessings and prayers for the baby-momma.

baby nursery theme

 Hot Air Balloon Memo Board


We propped the hot air balloon in a piece of vintage luggage and added a honeycomb tissue ball and a few tissue flowers.  This was all set up on my entry table.

Entry Tablescaping


Another hostess brought these amazing hot air balloon cookies – they were almost too pretty to eat!  Almost.

 Hot Air Balloon Cookies


Another hostess created this fabric bunting/banner for the nursery, which we also used at the shower.  I believe she also made the bedding for the baby’s crib from this combination of fabric.

 Custom Baby Bunting/Banner


We also used some vintage stamps and post cards in the decor.  If you’re like me, there’s nothing like an impending party deadline to motivate you to finish up projects – which is why I finally got around to painting my coffee table gold last week!

 Postage Stamps on Display


I cannot take any credit for the amazing food at the shower – the other hostesses graciously handled providing delicious goodies to enjoy as Heather opened her gifts.

aqua + coral + yellow

Table Laden with Goodies!


The house was full of lovely and inspiring women – it was a joy to have them into my home to celebrate Heather’s latest creative endeavor:  motherhood!


You simply must check out Heather’s beautiful online magazine, Gathering Spriggs.  Her fourth edition was published just last week.

 Gathering Spriggs Spring 2012 Issue


Congratulations, Heather!  Can’t wait to meet your bundle of joy . . .

Gathering Spriggs

 Me and Heather


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34 thoughts on “Baby Shower for Heather Spriggs Thompson of Gathering Spriggs Magazine

  1. Kelly says:

    Lucky Heather! Looks so beautiful and inviting. That was very sweet of you to have the party at your home. PS The food looks yummy!

  2. Ginny says:

    Kristie!! I love this post! Thanks again so much for allowing us to “descend” on your gorgeous home to prepare for Heather’s shower! We appreciate you!

    By the way, I’m currently redesigning my entire home to look like yours. First order of business: the curtains!


  3. Kathi @allthingswhite says:

    Thank you for the peek at this wonderful shower for this wonderful woman! It is perfect- so creative and beautifully done.

  4. clarice says:

    Oh Heather must have been over the moon! What a perfect and charming shower. So many amazing details and I know Heather noticed every one. You are a dear person to throw such a creative baby shower. Clarice

  5. Elizabeth Hatchett says:

    What an enchanting occasion this must have been! I wish I could have been there, but it does my heart so much good to see how thoroughly Heather was cared for in one of her favorite love languages: beauty!

  6. Jennifer Taylor says:

    The theme for my wedding/reception is vintage travel, since Matt and I have done the long-distance relationship thing and, in fact, first met at an airport. 🙂 Loved seeing the ideas here! One thing we’re doing is using vintage train cases as centerpieces, with pots of flowers and ivy inside (so it looks like the plants are planted in the train cases). Anyway, tips on where to score some of these cases inexpensively are welcome! I’ve found several at antique shops but I’m trying to spend $20 or less on each one since we need 8-10!

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      How fun! Jennifer – i’ve found all of mine in antique shops, yard sales, and estate sales. Estate sales in older neighborhoods on Fridays/Saturdays are your best bet. Crieve Hall, West Meade and other 60’s-70’s era one-owner homes have been treasure troves for me and very reasonably priced!

  7. Holly says:

    What a beautiful shower Kristie! I recently helped organize a shower and we used a similar color scheme. I love all of the touches of vintage travel – it’s really beautiful. I also love the hot air balloon board and cookies.

  8. Heather says:

    Thank you Kristie for making me feel like a princess in a castle of her dreams. I truly felt showered with love and beauty by you and so many others. Thanks for providing the perfect backdrop to this occasion. I heard more than once “This is the most beautiful/incredible” shower I’ve ever been to. Along with “This is the most gorgeous home I;ve ever been in”
    Thanks for helping make a little slice of my dreams come true!!

  9. Annie says:

    Oh thank you for sharing this! My family has never officially met Heather, but we follow her blog, e-zine, and are facebook friends (Ginny too!). We just love Heather and are so excited for her! 🙂

    Your house is gorgeous and it looks like the shower was perfect. Thanks again!!

  10. Sunny Penner Cox says:

    What a bouyant send-off for a new mum! “Travel” has been one of the most versatile themes ever for raising children! It never fails to overcome the cookie-cutter nursery/playroom/schoolroom rut, and the elements upcycle so nicely as the kids grow older. Highly, highly encourage and recommend.

  11. Susan says:

    Simply stunning, well done Kristie and friends! The colours, the vintage peices, hot air balloons – it looks magical. What a wonderful way to celebrate a new life. Thanks for sharing Kristie and blessings to all for Easter.

  12. Abby @ a delightful design says:

    I love so much about this shower…I really don’t know where to start. I may have pinned a few images. 🙂 What a lovely and special day you (all) created for her!

    And I can’t decide what I love more: your huge mirror/lamps vignette or your gold leaf legs on your table. Divine!

  13. marianne talhelm says:

    Kristie … GORGEOUS … what color is your paint on the lower half of the wall … in the room of your house where the table/globes/goodies are? Loved it …. Marianne (P.S. Why do you live so far away? RATS. You would be great to have in my town.)

  14. Michelle @ Ispirato Design says:

    The shower decorations are amazing and so is your home! I really, really love when I come across a style that is unique and eclectic like yours…so inspiring!

    Thank you for commenting on my post over at Holly’s blog. It lead me straight here and I’m looking forward to following!

  15. Lauren Bowman says:

    This is a DARLING baby shower and the house itself is stunning. We are getting ready to move in May and have our first little baby in June… two VERY exciting things. Needless to say, this post stuck out to me. I found one of the photos on Pintrest and it linked me to your blog… I’m so thankful!

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