The Most Romantic Bed – No, Not a Waterbed

I had a brass bed as a child.  I liked it, but I have always harbored a desire for an iron bed.   I have a client with a gorgeous vintage iron bed, and it got me thinking:  just what is it about an iron bed that is so alluring and romantic?



As I started trolling through photographs of iron beds, I quickly saw that I actually hated a lot of them.  Typically, the ones from the 1980’s-1990’s with two many flourishes.



I also noticed that I only really love the painted ones.




Especially the vintage and antique ones. 



Iron beds abound in local classified ads, Craigslist, and Ebay.  Just remember – you can repaint them in any fun color you wish!

Craigslist Iron Bed


If they are a little rusty, you can typically remove that with a little steel wool.  Just don’t buy one that has heavy rust or that is rusted through in significant places.

Craigslist Iron Bed


Is there any kind of bed more romantic than an iron bed?  If you say a waterbed, you may be reading the wrong blog . . .

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13 thoughts on “The Most Romantic Bed – No, Not a Waterbed

  1. Kelly says:

    I love that day bed in the blue room! So pretty. And I never liked the water bed. My husband loved ours when we were first married- I could not WAIT to get rid of it!

  2. Lee says:

    we have a 24 yr old Ethan Allen rice bed – four poster – and I have always loved it, always thought four poster beds (ours is cherry) were historical looking and romantic 🙂

  3. Kat says:

    I’ll admit, the ones with the knobs on the corners are pretty, but the curved ones just remind me of old hospital beds, even the second one you posted in the beautiful blue room.

  4. Linda says:

    We had a waterbed when we were first married. One night after a huge house party and everyone had left, we went to bed we lay down in 6 inches of water… evidently people at the party had a little too much fun on our bed. Now we have a beautiful bed with a padded linen head board and I love it. I feel like a grown up for the first time!

  5. Barbara says:

    Do they even still make water beds? I think the most romantic bed is one with beautiful, soft sheets, a wonderful mattress, the perfect lighting, music and one you love!

  6. Kathy Tobacco says:

    There are different kinds of romance but I contend that a canopy bed is the most romantic of beds. My bed is a retro fitted a plantation four poster from the 80s with a retro fitted canopy (yes it can be done) and an upholstered headboard. I did the panels in silk taffeta and the headboard in a soft tea stained tapestry. My mother gave me an antique 3/4 brass bed with floral swags, reeded columns and a medusa relief medallion on the headboard that is romantic in a young virginal kind of way. I love Bunny William’s canopy bed which I think is the most romantic bed I have ever seen bar none. The beds shown here are gorgeous. Of course how a bed is dressed is very important to the look.

  7. Lisa Hanna says:

    We bought our white metal bed w/ brass trim & marble ball finials (very romantic) from the Spiegel catalog 30 years ago & we still have it, and I still love it. Every time I walk into my bedroom, I sigh because it’s romantic & because of the open design, doesn’t feel so heavy in the room even though it’s a king size.
    I bought the exact same ones in twin size for my girls when they were little.

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