England’s Cath Kidston


Cath Kidston Ltd was founded in 1993 when designer Cath Kidston opened a tiny shop in London’s Holland Park.  She began by selling the vintage fabrics, wallpapers, and brightly-painted junk furniture she remembered fondly from her childhood. Her clever, witty re-working of traditional English country house style meant that her shop soon became a cult success.


Cath Kidston


Gradually Cath began to design her own prints and products.  Her work is typically practical, quirky, and often with a distinctive floral print.  Her product lines now include women’s and kids’ fashion and an extensive range of homewares. 







Cath Kidston’s business has expanded steadily to become the unique global lifestyle brand it is today.  She currently has 28 shops in the UK.   Cath Kidston Ltd. is one of the most influential and original design companies to emerge from the UK in recent years.  Now she just needs to open a shop in the U.S.!











In my opinion, Cath Kidston is in the same family of Laura Ashley and Shabby Chic’s Rachel Ashwell.   Laura’s the mother,  Rachel’s the bossy older sister, and Cath is the funky and colorful baby sister!  Check out her latest catalog here.  I’ll try to load up a few of her best books to my Amazon store today so you can order one if you like her stuff!


Photo Credits:  Telegraph, House to Home,  Do You Mind If I KnitSusies Country Cottage, My Deco Files, Allsorts.


Cath Kidston


  1. Amy

    Does this mean Laura Ashley isn’t out? And it isn’t UN-cool to admit that I have always loved Laura Ashley? I really like what you’ve shown here too! Bright, fresh, fun, and reminiscent of Grandma’s kitchen with a modern twist. So this is good news. 🙂 As long as you’re not going to tell us that poofy sleeves, back v-necks, and princess waistlines are back in.

  2. Heather

    love her and love your description of the family dynamic! so true!

  3. kristiebarnett

    Amy, Laura Ashley is dead. As in actually deceased (God rest her soul). But her company lives on – and is being refurbished to some degree. If you start wearing poofy sleeves, you KNOW I will scold you immediately! 🙂

  4. Echo

    this stuff is too cute! I love her ideas!

  5. Laura B

    In the picture of the Cath Kidston dining with the letters CAKE on the wall….what is the brand and name of the paint color on the walls? Thank you!!


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