Staged for Success (And You Can Be, Too)

Over the weekend, I wrapped up my Expert Psychological Stager™ certification course after spending three intense days with 22 amazing women.  We worked hard, but had a whole lot of fun!

expert psychological stager-course- training


Mortgage professional, Joe Repass of F&M Mortgage in Brentwood, TN, hosted our group and provided morning snacks and a catered lunch on the first day of training.

joe repass mortgage lender broker


In addition to training materials, everyone received paint fandecks from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams and a copy of my new book, Psychological Staging – The Home Staging Secrets of The Decorologist. I also debuted my Psychological Staging Color Boards for sale.  I’m excited to be able to offer an easy way for Home Stagers and Realtors to choose the right paint colors for their staged homes without having to be a Color Expert!  Stayed tuned for more info about their availability soon . . .



To break up a long day of learning on Friday, we had a private lunch at a local favorite, The Puffy Muffin.

home staging certification


Nashville is a great city for foodies, with no lack of great dining.  Friday evening, we hung out at Urban Grub in the trendy 12th South Neighborhood.  The food was world-class, and the conversation amazing!  Here’s a selfie we took that night:

urban grub nashvilleExpert Psychological Stagers™ Karen Hattan, Allison Lynch, and Kristie Barnett 


Saturday culminated in hands-on stagings of two homes that are going on the market.

staging training


Half the group worked on one house in the morning, and the other half worked on the other house in the afternoon.



It was so great to watch them all apply what they had been learning over the last couple of days in real-life staging situations!  They did such amazing work.

home staging



home staging






My trainees came from seven states – Pennsylvania, Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, Florida, Nebraska, and of course, Tennessee. The entire group of women gelled so well, and we really got to know a lot about one another in a short amount of time.

expert psychological stagers


They all passed the course with flying colors –  these women are staged for success!!!




I never could have pulled it off without Allison.  I don’t know what I’d do without her!

kristie barnett


We’ve been inundated by requests for information regarding the next course we are offering January of 29-31, 2015. (UPDATE: The next course is March 9-11, 2017)

bedroom staging


If you want to change your life and follow your passion for home staging and interior design, this just might be the chance you’ve been waiting for!

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CLICK HERE to sign up now for the March 9-11, 2017 course. I can’t wait to see you there!


  1. Lori Brian

    Very interested in taking this course!

  2. Jackie Jones

    This was a great course. Lots of invaluable information and great hands on staging experience. I highly recommend it!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thanks, Jackie! You are gonna do great 🙂

  3. Linda Green

    This class was FANTASTIC!!! Kristie and her assistant, Alison made me feel right at home;while learning some of the best curriculum I have taken to-date. Highly recommend.

  4. Julie Kole

    The course was amazing, I would highly recommend it! I had no prior experience, but took time off of my full time job to pursue something I’m passionate about. Kristen is so knowledgeable on the subject matter, and a very engaging speaker. I learned so much in such a short time, and can’t wait to start my staging business. Be sure to get the color boards too, I know they will be a life saver in our business. Thanks again Kristie!

    • Kristie Barnett

      You are so sweet! I think it’s time to pursue something you love – I know you can do it 🙂

  5. Richelle McCarthy

    The course was wonderful. I learned so much from Kristie, she is so knowledgeable in staging and paint colors. I picked up some new tips on furniture placement and creating focal points. If the class is not in your budget, buy Kristie’s videos, paint boards, and her new book, they are a wealth of knowledge. This course helped me to pursue my dream and gave me the new confidence to go after it.

  6. Melissa Allen

    Take this course! You will not be sorry. Course ended with a full hands-on staging Saturday ~ property had an offer by Tuesday. It is worth every penny to learn from Nashville’s BEST.

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thank you, Melissa! I was so happy the house we staged got an offer! Especially knowing that it had been on the market for 2 months without an offer. Proof positive that Psychological Staging™ works 🙂

  7. Elizabeth Scruggs

    I took the class last week and could not be more pleased. Having been in business for 14 years in construction and design, I thought this course would enhance my services. It did not disappoint! If you are thinking of going into home staging, are a real estate professional, or in construction or design already- do not hesitate. This is for you! I previously purchased her videos online, and now have her color boards and book. A fantastic investment. I look forward to more offerings from Kristie- thanks again!

  8. Samantha Ley

    I was hesitant to take this course. I have admired Kristies’ blog from afar for a long time. I love her sense of style and color savvy, and have always felt that she has a true talent that even someone like me who has no prior training could recognize and appreciate. The course was *so* fun and informative. After I took a breath and went for it, I discovered that everyone was really friendly and approachable- there was an atmosphere of camaraderie. Before I went, I doubted myself and my creative abilities, but after learning so much practical, hands on knowledge, I feel much more confident that I will be able to help my realtor husband stage his listings, and take our business to the next level. I have been inspired every day since the course ended. To anyone considering taking the course, keep in mind that when you do the things you fear, you are growing. I am very glad I took the chance, and I think it was 100% worth it.


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