This Just Makes Me Happy

I literally gasped with joy when I saw this photo.

via The Painted Room


There’s really nothing else to say.  Happy Wednesday – You are all treasures to me!


  1. yep. me too! i saw this yesterday too and started imagining ripping sheet rock down so i could have painted spindles. then began brainstorming other things i could try this effect on! someday when i rip up the carpet on my stairs I will paint those something fun. thanks for the inspiration, tastemaker!

  2. Dianne Tant says:

    so I guess you like green?

  3. That is very refreshing & cool! Makes me crave some fruit stripe gum from about 30 yrs ago :)

  4. I love this! I am posting a bright blue and green today! Thanks for the inspiring blog!

  5. I hope to one day have a blog like the decorologist. You are the bomb.

  6. I actually have primed spindles just waiting for some personality. There are only 8, though, so I’m not sure the effect would be as fabulous….

  7. So creative and beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. Who says there are no new ideas. This is brilliant. What a brave and adventurous homeowner!

  9. I saw something really similar to this in a recent martha stewart but can’t find the photo. do you remember it? the hand rail was white and came to a very clean and simple curve at the bottom. The rails were painted in varying shades of blues and greens. Any chance you have that scanned or know of a link online?

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