Upcycled Cottage-Style Furniture

Good morning, lovely ladies (and charming gents, I’m sure)!  Today I’m sharing a few fun upcycling projects from Better Homes and Gardens.  This first one is a cottage-style medicine cabinet fashioned from an old dresser drawer.  Vintage wallpaper in the bottom of the drawer gives it whatever personality you want it to have.

drawer medicine cabinet via bhg Upcycled Cottage Style Furniture


Here is a standard, unfinished wood bookcase.  Most of us would stain it or paint it white and be done.

before cottage bookcase Upcycled Cottage Style Furniture


A spring rod, a little fabric, and vintage wallpaper make for a darling piece suitable for a dining or living room.

after cottage bookcase via bhg Upcycled Cottage Style Furniture


Ready to toss out an old pressboard entertainment center?  Maybe you should rethink that . . .

before laundry station via bhg Upcycled Cottage Style Furniture


That very piece has been painted and repurposed as a cheery laundry center!  This could even work as a toy cabinet or bookcase in a child’s room.

after laundry station via bhg Upcycled Cottage Style Furniture


Photo Credits:  Better Homes and Gardens.

pixel Upcycled Cottage Style Furniture


  1. What a great idea repurposing that old wardrobe into a laundry centre. It makes a lot of sense as it already has the facility to hang clothes. I’ve never seen that idea before.

  2. Love it, love it, love it! Cheap and green – two of my favorite adjectives!

  3. I’m all for upcycling! In fact, I’ve got a few numbers waiting for some upcycling right now. Thanks for the inspiration! Maybe they will be a weekend project!

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