American Girl

I spent last weekend in Atlanta with my best friend and our daughters having the “American Girl Experience.”  After spending the better part of the day in the American Girl store, we had a lovely dinner at the American Girl Bistro.

An American Girl Eats at the American Girl Bistro

You can find decorating inspiration almost anywhere, and I found it at the American Girl Bistro.  Having two daughters myself, this inspiration could be applied to either of their bedrooms or a playroom/rec room for our family.

American Girl Restaurant

The colors were light pink, dark pink, cream, and chocolate.  And a touch of green.  The look is girlie and modern, clean and fresh. Pink, Chocolate Brown, and Cream

I can totally see this vinyl/pleather backdrop as a headboard for a girl’s bedroom.

headboard inspiration

Isn’t this ceiling lighting interesting?  Great for a rec room.

American Girl Lighting

Look at this floral  lighting – it’s really just a grouping of drum shades around a circular base to create a  “flower.”

Pink Lighting Flower Fixture

Check out this giant flower ceiling fixture!

Pink Flower Lighting

What a beautiful petal pink color on the tabletops.

Pink Tables at American Girl Bistro

Chocolate, Cream, Pink Floor Tile I love this floor tile!  Is there any reason we can’t be more creative in how we lay this stuff in our kitchens and bathrooms???

How about this awesome tile on the walls of the American Girl Bistro’s bathroom?   I was a little concerned the police might be notified that some strange woman was taking photographs in the bathroom, but it was worth the risk  . . .

Pink and Brown Wall Tile

Pink Fabric on Chairs What a cute fabric on the chairs!  Paired with the chocolate brown backplate on the chair, this look is fresh and not too sweet.

My American Girl was loving the girlie decor, so what do you think?

My American Girl

Moral of this story:  you can find decorating inspiration anywhere.  Just keep your eyes open!

An American Girl says Goodbye



  1. Lora

    Ok, that place is cool. Must keep this in mind…

  2. daniel

    I liked that Kristie. Looking at those pictures gave me an idea to build Chloe a bar and stools for a desk. She loves to sit in the stools at “our” Mickey D’s. I could so see her doing her homework with that chair fabric, and similar decor. Can’t wait to get to American Girl. I love being the daddy of a little girl!


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