What “The Bachelor” Can Teach You About Decorating

I know I’m not the only one who watched the season finale of The Bachelor on Monday night.  Whether or not you watch the show, there’s definitely something you can take away from what happened Monday night.



And this is it:  The heart wants what the heart wants. 



Courtney became the girl everyone loved to hate. Ben knew that choosing her was going to be very unpopular because of her difficulty getting along with 24 other girls who were in competition for the same man (???)  To be honest, who wouldn’t have difficulty with that one? 



Anywho, Ben went with his heart even when he knew it wouldn’t be popular.   We all know that black is not a popular color for kitchens:


This happens over and over, doesn’t it?  Jake and Vienna, Brad and Emily  – we all screamed at the television, “You are making the WRONG choice, you big dummy!”



Maybe you feel like the big dummy because you have a collection that no one else “gets.” Or you have a certain piece of quirky furniture that no one understands why you love it.  You’re afraid of what other people will think.  You even know certain people won’t approve.




Hey, the heart wants what the heart wants.  In the end, it’s your life and your home, right? You’re the one that has to live in it.  You made your bed, now lie in it.  And enjoy!

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17 thoughts on “What “The Bachelor” Can Teach You About Decorating

  1. Jacqueline says:

    I love this blog, but this post was your ABSOLUTE BEST.

    The heart wants what the heart wants.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Linda says:

    Well I am probably in the minority in that I don’t watch the Bachelor, but I love this post. You have such a great sense of humor and it makes reading your posts the highlight of my day! 🙂

  3. Paula Van Hoogen says:

    You know, really, it is amazing that people do stay in tune with their hearts today with the powerful influences of media upon us. And, of course, peer pressure and in the decorating field–magazines!
    We CAN’T get a TV signal where I live (mts. of NC), and I cancelled all my decorating mags, and am in the midst of an agonizing attempt to simplify our house of clutter, etc., sooooo that…. our hearts might
    be tuned in! Your post helps bring these kinds of thoughts into focus! Thanks again, Kristie!!!

  4. Emily Cotton says:

    Hehe cute post!
    I watch the bachelor … So disappointed with this nutty season!
    As a sidenote: I really don’t think people disliked her because she didnt get along with other women. I think you are completely accurate about the fact that it is VERY unnatural to be under the same roof with a bunch of other women who are all wanting the same man. However, most of the other girls handled that situation with grace, respect, and kindness. I think that’s where Courtney fell short. She did not just say, “Hey, this is a hard situation, I am having a hard time dealing with this.” She was mean, rude, and did not attempt kindness and graceful behavior.

    I know that’s not the point of your post but I guess how I would apply what I learned from the Bachelor to decoarting: Always choose elegance and grace. You can stay sassy and go against the flow, but maintain elegance and classiness. <3

  5. Monique says:

    I didn’t watch much of this season’s Bachelor, mainly because Ben was such a sore loser last year. Totally surprised and disappointed that Ben was this year’s bachelor. Barbara Walters got it right when she said Ben “is an ordinary guy with bad hair” and I’d add little personality.

    I agree with your basic premise. However, in the case of Ben and the woman he chose, this maxim seems more fitting…”the heart gets what the heart deserves.”

  6. Barbara says:

    Youre a former psychologist? Impressive!

    No, I don’t watch the bachelor. Yes, I do think you should decorate using what you love, if it makes you and everyone else under your roof smile!


  7. Lauren Bowman says:

    So this means I shouldn’t judge him… dang! hehe… you have a wonderful way with words though. I am very much a trift shopper, DIYer, you name it and things are put together in my home and I love it that way!

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