3 Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Today I’m sharing three simple bedroom decorating ideas for your home. You’ll see how I used these tips when decorating a teenage boy’s room, but they are applicable for any bedroom or guest room.

decorating bedrooms 

1. Establish a color scheme.  When I first saw the room, the walls were painted a golden tan color that the homeowner and her son liked.  The problem?  Well, everything was pretty much tan or brown in the space – and it was a bit on the boring side.




We decided to work with the existing wall color, while injecting a second color to give the room some personality.  The  so-called “accent wall” was best suited for the ceiling, and we loved how it turned out.

green painted ceiling

The Decorologist 


2. Mix the bedding.  A great way to avoid the bed-in-the-bag look is to mix your bedding.  The traditional plaid bedding paired with the tan bedspread folded at the end of the bed and repeated in a pillow is more interesting without being fussy in any way.  We chose textured tan curtains that create a nice tonal effect with the wall color.  The green ceiling ties in with the green in the plaid bedding, of course.

mixed bedding plaid

 The Decorologist


3. Make it memorable with an interesting focal point.  My client’s son had been collecting vintage tennis rackets (he plays tennis, of course), so I hung them tightly to create the perfect focal point for above the bed.

tennis racket groupingThe Decorologist 



Collections can make the best art, and I particularly love the way these vintage tennis rackets look as a grouping.

tennis racket grouping

The Decorologist


Share with us your best bedroom decorating ideas! 


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  1. Susan Silverman

    Looks amazing! One quick question…I’m doing a tray ceiling just like this one, What finish did you use on the outer tray and crown molding?

  2. Mary

    Love the ceiling, and especially love the tennis rackets! from a “tennis mom” of 2 girls!

  3. applehillcottage

    Love the “accent wall” — Such a great color!

    We made a headboard from an old 5 panel door, trimmed it sizewise to match the queen bed, and then added a shelf on top. You could actually put it on legs, but we just hung it on the wall behind the bed. We love it. Cost: about $50 including old door, paint, and glaze.

  4. Eileen

    Love it! The tennis rackets look amazing. It’s sophisticated, yet young too. I hope their teenaged son is better at keeping his stuff off the floor than he was in the “before”! I haven’t had much luck on that front in this neck of the woods!

    My friend recently texted her husband a picture of a bedspread she saw on sale at a store to ask him what he thought of it for their teenaged son’s bedroom. He texted back, “To get an accurate idea, crumple it up onto the floor and then send me another picture.”

    • LibbyP

      Thanks for the laugh. Recently I went to my 16 y.o. son’s room, looking for him. When I didn’t see him, I called him – and the phone rang in his room. He was there, on the floor, but I’d missed him in the chaos. Seriously, all 6’2″ of him was laying on the floor, and blended in so well that I couldn’t pick him out.

  5. LibbyP

    Kristie, I love your work! This room is decorated just the right amount. Restraint is sometimes difficult, but you hit the right note here.

  6. Kelly

    Looks great Kristie! Tennis rackets mean something to him so that is a great focal point over the bed.

  7. Louisa

    Kristie, I’ve been reading your decorating advice for a while now and am so impressed with your work. Your skill is helping me with decorating plans for our new-to-us 80-year-old home.

    I have a question about painting ceilings. I would really like to make the dining room ceiling the “accent wall,” but it has 12″ tiles. Is it ridiculous to think it could look okay?

    • Kristie Barnett

      what kind of tiles? drop ceiling tiles or something architectural like tin?

  8. Karena

    Great job Kristie!! Love the ceiling accent color and the tennis racket art collage!

    2013 Artists Series

  9. Tracy

    Kristie, did you paint the “non-wood” part of the tray the same gloss paint used on the crown molding?


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