Get Your Gold On: Painting the Pigs

Painting all kinds of things is really old hat to me, Mr. Man has told our kids that if they sat still for too long, Momma just might paint them.  I suppose it could happen.  These iron bookends sat still just a little too long . . .

pig bookends



They are sassy piggies, aren’t they?  I wanted to paint them something that would get them noticed. I pulled out my favorite metallic:  Ralph Lauren Metallics Golden Candlesticks.

gilt gold bookends

The Decorologist 



So much sassier in gilt!  I love how the metallic finish highlights the curves of my pretty piggies.  

gold bookend

 The Decorologist



Do you have a pair of bookends that need a little something special?  Interested in adding some shimmer to your bookcase styling? Consider GOLD.

bookcase styling

The Decorologist 


Gold is back, and in a big way, so get your gold on!  Is gold your favorite metallic, like it is mine?  If not, what do you prefer?



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15 thoughts on “Get Your Gold On: Painting the Pigs

  1. Rebecca Dumas says:

    LOVE IT!!! Paint can do so much to repurpose, and I love the idea of embellishing items and giving them new life rather than putting in our landfills, Great Job!

  2. Elayne says:

    Love these! It’s funny, we actually did something kind of similar…in my son’s room, we spray painted some old bricks gold so they would look like “gold bars” and they turned out great; they make great bookends and have that gilt that you are talking about. The pigs are even cuter, though!

  3. Kathi Kelecy says:

    I paint just about everything in sight as well! One metallic paint I really like and have used alot is Modern Masters Metallic ‘Warm Silver’. It’s not actually silver at all but is a beautiful bronzy, golden brushed metallic finish. I’ve used it on furniture and mirrors. Sometimes I will ‘dry brush’ over it with a true silver for even more depth and highlights.

  4. Kari says:

    Love gold. Love those piggies! My girls claim that I am a professional spray painter b/c I always envision everything I see with potential if I sprayed it a different color. So fun!

  5. Nancy says:

    Kristie, your golden piggies are so cute! But I came to tell you something different. I was researching how to regain the feeling of home again after great hardship…It’s something I’m really struggling with. I think I told you a little about our sewer project/sewer gas experience. Anyway, guess whose sweet little link I found in the middle of the very first post I read on the very first blog I landed on? You’re everywhere girl, and the author of the post is also named Christie…just a little different spelling from yours! It’s the August 5, 2013 post if the link doesn’t work…thought you would get a kick out of it! Nancy

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      WOW!!! That is pretty awesome – thank you so much for sharing that with me, Nancy. It’s wonderful to think that I can have a little part in helping people make wherever they are feel like a HOME. Totally made my day 🙂

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