Solutions for Messy Cords

I’m always on the lookout for cheap fixes to life’s little problems.  Like cables, lamp cords, and computer wires – ugh!  Those necessary little snakes can make the loveliest little office area look messy and unkempt.  I’ve used cable ties and tape to hide and hoist unsightly cords, but there’s got to be a better way, right? 


I think I found one – Cabledrops!  You can use these anywhere you wish to have cables temporarily held.  They can really blend in with your decor – use them under ledges, on the backs of furniture legs, and on the wall to control unruly cords.  They come in both bright and muted colors in packs of 6 for $10.

Or, you could do what this clever girl did – hide the uglies with a lovely painting!  Love it, love it.






  1. Heather

    cute. great idea. great post. i love that last image. sometimes i just want to fill a whole wall up with art and pretty things like this and then other times i want a clean slate!

  2. andy

    Dear Manager,
    I am Andy from Fixiton adhesive & plastic limited,which is a professional cable drop and clips factory in China,
    Nice to know you are in need of the multi purpose self-adhesive cable drops,I would like to update our
    quality products with best price for your reference,if you are in need of it,please kindly let me know.
    Multi Purpose Cable Clips
    Color:White/Black/Red/Blue/Green/Orange color and custom colors available
    Size: dia.:29mm, height:18mm
    Packing:100pcs per zip-lock bag;2000pcs per carton
    Best price: Door to Door US$0.216/pcs
    Remarks:the above price is including the DHL or UPS express freigth from our factory to your company.

    Best wishes,
    Andy Bao
    Sales Manager
    Address: No.8B Jianshazhou Road WanJiang Dongguan Guangdong China.


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