What Color is Your Car?

You may or may not know that before I became a decorator I was a psychologist.   Maybe that’s why I have aways been fascinated with the psychology of color.  I recently read a blog article called What Does Your Car Color Say About You?  Since purchasing the 4th red car of my life a few weeks ago, I have been pondering why I always choose a red car.  The only other color car I’ve have ever owned was white.  I’m terrible at identifying car makes and models, so I think it’s probably because it’s easier to find a red car in a parking lot.  But maybe there’s more to it . . .

Did you know that 40% of people will switch vehicle brands to get the color they want?    General Motors rotates their colors yearly, introducing 3 new colors and kicking out the 3 most unpopular colors.

According to Marie Brady’s article, silver is the most popular car color in North America.  It’s first or second in popularity across all types of cars (from compact to luxury).  Black is the number one choice for luxury car owners. And what about trucks and SUVs?  White.

In researching this article, I found some random “study” that said that red car owners are generally less confident and less intelligent.  Yeah, thanks for that.

Leatrice Eiseman, the author of  The Color Answer Book, suggests that vehicle color reveals a lot about the personality of the owner.  So who wants to play?

Tell me what color your car is, and I’ll tell you what that says about you.  Kinda seems like reading your horoscope or a fortune cookie, doesn’t it?   Come on, you know you want to!


 photo credits:  avivadirectory, 2bp, fineartamerica, flickr, s2hubimg.


  1. Stacy Newsom

    My car is silver.

  2. Michelle

    Okay, I’ll bite. My car is white. Am I unimaginitive and simple or a symbol of purity?

  3. Dianne Tant

    my cars are always red….I guess I’m not confident or intelligent?

  4. kristiebarnett

    According to the author of The Color Answer Book: Stacy, you are elegant, cool, and you love futuristic looks. Michelle, you are fastidious. Dead on, so far! 😉

  5. kristiebarnett

    Dianne: you are sexy, high-energy, and dynamic. Again, dead on!

  6. Laila

    Well, I think I know the answer already….my car is red!

  7. kristiebarnett

    Laila – you are sexy, high-energy, and dynamic. That “random” study I spoke of earlier that said bad things about red car drivers was OBVIOUSLY way off base . . .

  8. Jamie

    My car is white, but I really wanted the slate gray model. The cars in the color I wanted didn’t have the features and the ones with the features weren’t in my color. I believe this just means I’m picky – ha!

  9. kristiebarnett

    Jamie, so that means you are fastidious but you really want to be cool!

  10. Frances

    My car is silver, not by choice. It was a bargain and that’s why
    Coop bought it. My personal choice would be another red Mustang.
    I had one many years ago when I bleached my hair the color it is
    now naturally!

  11. Jen C.

    fun! my car is black, of course, and i love it. and i love joe’s, too, which is a gray/silver.

  12. Andrea

    My suv is white — but I have never had a new car, always used. So, I have never chosen the color. That probably means I am dull and practical…Oh, brother.

  13. Amy

    My car looks black or dark gray but really it is a sage green/gray. Kind of bullet colored. I have never liked white cars, and I chose black for my college grad. gift – a brand spankin’ new 1990 Acura Integra.

  14. jenny newsom

    My car color is blue ( the bright variety… not deep or dark)

  15. Allison

    Okay Kristie — out of college I had a beautiful dark blue, then went to dark red, then went to white, and now I have silver…what does that say???

  16. Lee

    I didn’t get to choose my car color – we were looking for a specific make/model/price range and ended up with a used car, silver Odyssey. But I really wanted the blue one. 🙂

  17. kristiebarnett

    Frances – you are sexy and dynamic, but Coop is making you be elegant and cool.

    Jen C – you are empowered, not easily manipulated, and you appreciate classics

    Amy – you are traditional, trustworthy, and well-balanced

    Lee – you are credible, confident, and dependable

    Jenny – you are cool, calm, faithful, and quiet

    Allison – you don’t know what you want or who you are (just kidding!!!!)

    Andrea – you are fastidious: very attentive to detail, hard to please, excessively concerned with cleanliness. no, you did not choose to be this way, but your car color MADE YOU this way 😉

  18. Terry (Mitzi Leigh's Friend)

    My Accord is silvery-bronze. Was more bronze until I had an accident and Crest Honda returned it more silver. My past cars have been 2 in burgundy… which used to be my preference, and one in a Lindsey Blue (which was like a silvery light blue 83 Accord). Sooooooooo… 🙂

  19. kristiebarnett

    Terry – you’re a down-to-earth, no-nonsense kind of gal

  20. kristiebarnett

    jen c, you can tell joe that he is sober, corporate, practical, pragmatic with some futuristic cool thrown in

  21. Jen C.

    i agree on all of those points about my husband. except maybe the ‘sober’ part. 😉

  22. Terry (Mitzi Leigh's Friend)

    SO cool… and so accurate. Thanks Kristie!

  23. lora

    my hopefully not totaled car is champagne.

    however, i think i might choose black or red if i have to replace it.

    i’m weird–i love my car’s color on my car but not all cars. some cars only look right to me in certain colors.

  24. kristiebarnett

    gee lora, champagne isn’t on the list. choose black if you want to be empowered and not easily manipulated. choose red if you’re feeling sexy and full of energy.

  25. Michelle

    I always fall in love with a car based on color, not make or model. The #2 criteria would be cupholders! And I’m always attracted to green. I must say, I do not LIKE the shade of green I’m drving now (hunter!). I was quite proud of myself for buying the car for practical reasons. But you know? I’ve never really liked the car. Of course, the cars I love must be the right shade of green… with a little grey to make it more sophisticated, right Kristie? I’m learning!

  26. kristiebarnett

    Michelle, so right about the more sophisticated shade of green! your current car color suggests that you are traditional, trustworthy, and well-balanced. not bad!

  27. Cheryl

    My current SUV is my favorite car color…dark navy blue. I’ve also owned 2 red cars in the past, both very sporty.

  28. jeanette

    My favorite car was a Saturn blue/green, some lights it looked more green, others more blue. Stuck with silver now but couldn’t deal with the other colors they offered, white, black, chili pepper red and cobalt blue. Would love a bronze car or years ago, I almost bought a car just for the color…it was bronzish color but had eggplant undertone – I just didn’t fit in it.

  29. kristiebarnett

    Cheryl, your dark blue car suggests that you are credible, confident, and dependable.

    Jeannette – eggplant undertone? that would mean you were creative, individualistic, and original

  30. macilius

    My car is RED with Xeralic


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