Color Workshop Video Shoot

After a morning design appointment with a new client, this is what I was up to yesterday afternoon:

the decorologist on film

photo by Matt Barker


This is what my living room looked like with lights, microphones, and cameras as we shot a promo teaser for my upcoming Color Workshop video:


photo by Matt Barker


Oh my goodness, I am getting too old for film! Where's the soft, fuzzy lens when you need one? Oh well, we shall see how this turns out.  Sign up for my email updates so that you can see a sneak preview of my Color Workshop coming very soon!


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9 thoughts on “Color Workshop Video Shoot

  1. Jen C. says:

    soft, fuzzy lens? are you kidding?  you're a hottie, plain and simple.  accept it.  so excited about this! you amaze my socks off!

  2. Susanne says:

    You look mahvelous dahlink and I can't wait for the video! So glad I have been signed up and following you. Have fun being a "star".

  3. Kristie Barnett says:

    from my email:

    "Dear Kristie,

    Is this an on-line color workshop I've been hoping for?

    How's the book going? I'll be the first to subscribe!

    God, I love your work! Your interiors are simply magical!



  4. Nicole says:

    Looking forward to this!

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  5. Michele says:

    I know this is a strange question.  Do you have brick inlay in your wood floor?  That is what it looks like in this picture.  I have a spot that I inset an area rug in my dining room and now any "standard sized" area rug does not fit.  Instead of tearing out my entire floor to relay the wood I am thinking I could do an inlay of the brick pavers….just curious.  It looks great.


    • Kristie Barnett says:


      No.  What you are seeing in the photo is the tile in front of my fireplace.  How big is the inset area in your dining room?  Could you go one size up with an area rug to cover it up?  Brick pavers might be nice, but your chair and table legs may wobble on it as it tends to be slightly uneven.  What about a parquet wood inlay?

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