Don’t Get Too Excited – It’s Just an Optical Illusion, Mister!

I just wanted to share something fun with you guys this week.  I have a design client with, ahem, a rather challenging bathroom that has become a favorite with all the men that visit her home.  

mirrored bathroom


The mirrored walls of this 1980’s bathroom creates a dizzying, fun house effect for visitors.  From the shot above, you can see how the room appears to go on.  And on.  And on.  It reminds me of being in a subway tunnel or maybe something from The Shining, I’m not sure.  The walls and cabinets have a malachite faux finish.  Funny thing is, malachite is enjoying a bit of a come-back right now!

malachite bathroom


This is the view when you face the toilet.  The homeowner placed this piece of art here after she couldn’t get the guys to stay out of this bathroom.  

mirrored room




I totally think she should have put a sign like this instead:

Accord Side View Mirror (1)


After many years of laughs and gasps, the mirrors are finally coming down.  But I feel sure it’s never going to be quite as interesting!


  1. Francie

    That is hilarious! We had a lot of mirrors in our bathrooms (a la the style of the 80s) when we bought it but fortunately none with a toilet view. I will say that while I thought most of the O’More show home was gorgeous, I was not a big fan of all the huge mirrors in the master bathroom. As one person said when we were standing in it “not sure I want to see that much of myself from that many angles at one time!”

  2. Kay Shive

    Kristie, I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! the message you suggested.

  3. Dawn

    hahaha that just made my day, you are hilarious! Can’t wait to see after pics of this bathroom!

    • Kristie Barnett

      I just fear it won’t be as exciting as it is now!

  4. Shannon Hickman

    Hee!! That WOULD be a great sign for the bathroom! Very clever.


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