A Pastel Blue Backdrop for Family Treasures

You know how I love to rethink and repurpose spaces, right?  I wanted to show you this happy space I worked on this week.  I did a paint color consultation with this Nashville client a few months back, and this week I returned to arrange furniture and hang art.

asian art

This is the space as it was before – a traditional dining room with dark wood furniture.  The wall color was a butter yellow above the chair rail, and a golder version of the yellow below the chair rail.



We swapped the dining room with the living room, and this is the progress we made this week:

palladian blue eclectic living room


Here’s another shot of the room when it was set up for dining:



palladian blue decorologist


My client was thrilled that we were able to incorporate her great-aunt’s gold sconces that were packed away because she couldn’t figure out how or where to use them.  I think they are just perfect here!

dark blue sofa


Mr. Man is taking me on a surprise day trip today and I’m feeling generous, so I’ll tell you what the wall paint color is. We decided on the perfect minty blue, Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue HC-144, to freshen up this entire space. Although we raided a few bedrooms to put together this pillowscape, we are going to replace them with larger, down-filled throw pillows that will take everything up a notch!

minty blue palladian blue

Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue HC-144

Wondering about the “new” dining room?  It’s not quite ready for it’s close-up, but it’s already pretty fabulous with it’s new paint color scheme and AMAZING new winter gold light fixture.

I can’t wait to see what Mr. Man has planned for us today – I have a guess based on a couple of hints he gave me, and I really hope I’m right!!!

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Looks so much brighter and prettier!

Have a great ‘secret’ day!! I love surprises. Let us know what adventure you went on.


Once again, you’ve inspired me. I painted most of the rooms on my first floor a neutral beige, and I’m left with deciding on a color for my dining room and living room. I’ve been thinking about choosing a similar blue to make things more interesting and colorful. It works with the color scheme of my house, and my style and furnishings are similar to this. I think I’m going to go for it and pick a nice muted turquoise… since viewing your color workshop video, I have a few colors in mind. Thanks for giving me the courage to… Read more »

Jenny B.

Yay! I’m so glad you were “feeling generous!” 🙂 The wood tones look so much prettier paired with the blue/gray/green wall color. A sweet friend of mine and her family recently moved into a new house. The previous owners had painted the living room walls fleshy beige with a poop brown accent wall behind the fireplace. While her husband was gone on a business trip, she repainted the living room a color similar to Palladian Blue. I had suggested she might need to paint her oak fireplace trim white, but after she painted the walls, the fireplace looked beautiful! When… Read more »


This looks so pretty. I painted our dining room Palladian Blue above the chair rail last summer, and it makes me feel so happy every time I walk by. I’m sure your client is going to feel the same way, Kristie. Great work!