Fall Front Door Friday – Custom Color Selection by The Decorologist

My daughter needed to wear a sweater for her walk to school this morning, so I suppose fall has truly arrived in my neck of the woods.  Fall is a good time for a seasonal change in accessories and color.  Here’s my front porch in its fall-appropriate colors:

red front door paint

fall at Stoneybrook Acres 


Painting your front door can be a fairly easy but dramatic change to your exterior. When meeting a couple of weeks ago with a local client, we chose a new paint color for her front door to give it more interest.  


front door “before”  


As you see from the “before” photo, the door was just fine.  It matched the shutters, but the color was less-than-exciting.  You may ask, “do shutters and doors have to be the same color”?  The answer is:  they can be, but they don’t have to be.  And although it’s nice if it relates to some other color on the exterior, your front door color can deliver a welcoming pop of color you may not see anywhere else on your exterior.  After testing multiple large paint samples of reds, corals, and oranges, this is the shade we ultimately chose:

coral orange front door paint color

 new front door paint color


The stone on the front of the house reads a little pinky and peach, so it was important to choose a color that related but didn’t clash with the facade.  This paint color works particularly well because the warm color feels more natural with the warm stone and brick materials here than a cool, brighter color might have. The great thing about painting the front door is that it makes a big impact for very little effort and money.  And that got me thinking . . . 

green front door

via Pinterest


What if I could help you make your front door sing this fall?  Might a little personalized professional help be just what you need to make a little seasonal paint color change? 

yellow front door

via Pinterest


So here’s the deal:  I am officially dubbing Sept 27th, 2013 as Fall Front Door Friday.  If you want a beautiful new front door color that is professionally chosen to work with your specific home’s exterior, contact my lovely assistant, Allison, to register for a spot on my schedule that day.

Simply provide 2-3 good exterior photos of your home’s front facade in an email, and I will select 2 perfect front door colors for your home by the end of Fall Front Door Friday.  You will receive a virtual image of the colors and color names alongside an image of your home to help you visualize how the new color will look:


OB-front doors

 Custom Front Door Colors by The Decorologist


First come, first serve – I can only take a limited number of front door submissions, so register today to reserve your spot.  The cost is only $75 for 2 custom paint color selections for your home’s front door.  And your front door just may be featured on the blog!

Register by emailing [email protected] today!







  1. Andrea

    Is that Benjamin Moore Country Redwood on the front door in the pic of the after consult? Great Choice!!!
    The shutters look too cool Grey? in photos-maybe they should get you back for shutter consult-deep chocolate beige??? LOVE YOUR BLOG-One of my favs for sure!!!!

    • Kristie Barnett

      No, Andrea – the color on the “after” is NOT Country Redwood. It’s more of a rusty color from Sherwin Williams. Thanks for following!!!

      • Wendy Shaw

        What is the color of the third house down from top? It’s an orangy-red color?? Love your blog

  2. Michelle Walker

    Just realized that we have the same style front door. I struggle with how to hang anything on the front of it because of the ledge that juts out, but your “B” looks great. How did you attach that to the door? And do you recommend always hanging a wreath or other decoration below the ledge? Since you picked my interior paint colors a year ago, I’m addicted to these articles. Love’em! Thanks.

    • Kristie Barnett

      I just used a large nail beneath the ledge – sometimes I have something hanging on it, sometimes I don’t – but I just leave the nail in. If you hang it from the ledge, it will swing too much. So it needs to sit beneath it and hang over the lower portion of the door. 🙂

  3. Paula Van Hoogen

    I’m not needing a front door consult, but I would do it in a heartbeat if I was!!!
    WHAT A DEAL!!!! Great idea, Kristie!

  4. Joanne

    Can I ask you what colour you’re front door is painted? My daughter has green trim on a beige sided house and I think that would be perfect.

  5. Kelly

    Great minds think alike! So funny how you, Linda and I think so much alike. Great idea for the front doors! Good luck!

  6. Jita Liane

    I want the same style of color and design of your door. I love the color of green with some flowers outside your house.

  7. Deanna R. Jones

    I agree, the color that I choose to paint my front door can dramatically change the vibe of my house. That can easily be seen in the first two pictures. They’re the same house, but painting the front door in a lighter shade of brown in the second picture not only makes the house look different, but it also improves the overall look of the exterior of the house. I agree with your comment about how the lighter brown shade of the door improves how the exterior of the house looks. The door looks like it belongs with the rest of the house, because the lighter brown shade of the door blends more naturally with the lighter tones of the stone used on the front of the house.


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